I'll follow your lead
Wed Jan 25, 2017 13:04

Armaan followed Nick onto the dance floor, weaving his way around other students. It seemed like the room had become even more crowded since Nick had approached him. The high attendance wasn’t that surprising – the first week of school had barely ended and nobody really had homework – but the Aquila acknowledged some credit for the party’s success had to go to Marissa. He made a mental note to check in with her at some point over the next few days and see if she’d be interested in potentially hosting another party with his help. Armaan was all about throwing parties and having fun the administration wouldn’t approve of but he wasn’t the best of planners. It would be ideal if he could pawn that boring stuff on Marissa.

He wouldn’t be opposed to taking control of the music though. As Nick pulled him onto the dance floor, a slow song gave way to a pop-rock song he despised. Sure, it was easy to dance to, but at what cost? It took a matter of seconds for Armaan to think of three songs that would have been better for the party. Though, given how enthusiastically some people seemed to be dancing, he wasn’t convinced they’d appreciate the more nuanced and sorely underrated songs he had in mind. In his opinion, most current pop artists and their listeners had lost all sight of what real music was.

He was pulled from his thoughts on music as Nick began dancing. His eyes widened at the spinning jump the older boy pulled off flawlessly. “Woah.” Armaan had forgotten Nick was a dancer. The sixth-year was far more awkward in comparison, though his lowered inhibitions helped. In the midst of the blasting music, loud crowd, and dimmed lights, he felt invincible. He glanced over at the punch bowl just in time to see Ethan spiking it. He grinned; the punch had to be more alcohol than anything else by this point.

“So, do anything fun your first week back?”

Armaan frowned as he considered the question. Moving in a bit closer, he said, “Not really, unless you count sneaking a nap in the library.” The nap had been great, that is until it was rudely interrupted by some random first-year who refused to go away. In all honesty, the highlight of the week was this party. But it would be lame to say that. “What about you?”

  • Seems like a fair trade to me - Nick, Mon Jan 23 15:13
    Armaan seemed to be just as welcoming of Nick’s flirting as he was of Armaan’s, which Nick appreciated. Nick definitely didn’t have feelings for Armaan - which was just as well, from what he’d heard... more
    • I'll follow your lead - Armaan, Wed Jan 25 13:04
      • What if I run into that wall? - Nick, Wed Feb 1 17:26
        Armaan answered Nick’s question, but more importantly the other boy moved closer to him and Nick felt himself flush. It wasn’t that he was uncomfortable, it was just that he was all of a sudden very... more
        • Armaan’s stomach rumbled loudly, thankfully unintelligible over the loud music. He should have probably eaten a bit more than a Caesar salad for dinner, but the house elves were so good at making it... more
          • If you insist - Nick, Tue Feb 14 06:24
            Armaan had indicated that he was enjoying the party too, which Nick was glad about, but also hadn’t continued the conversation beyond that which made Nick feel a little bit awkward. The blonde... more
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