Long may it continue
Thu Jan 26, 2017 14:47

Camilla didn’t want to try the punch, and Danny could hardly blame her, but he did feel like he had let her down by getting her a drink she didn’t even want. Also he felt like she was being a bit of a party pooper by not even trying the punch, but there wasn’t anything he could do about that. “No worries,” he said good-naturedly, and while Camilla was putting her discarded drink down, he took the opportunity to summon a sealed plastic bottle of water for her, instead. It whizzed neatly past a couple of party-goers without collisions, and into Danny’s hand, causing him to spill a couple more drops of his own drink over the side of his cup, but nothing detrimental to his evening. He wouldn’t have tried summoning an open drink or a glass bottle, but he was sufficiently skilled at spellwork that a sealed bottle of still water had been a safe target. “Here,” he passed the replacement drink to Camilla. “You should be safe with this.”

Apparently the sixth year didn’t often come to school parties. “I usually just accompany Elijah when he is up to it,” she said. Dardanius nodded in reply. He was friends with Elijah, and although the older boy was good company, he didn’t seem like much of a party goer. Despite this, Danny thought he had seen EJ at more parties than he had Camilla, but then maybe that’s just because he didn’t know Camilla all that well; he might not have noticed her if he had been distracted by his friends, which he often was.

“Yeah, I come to the school parties,” Danny shrugged offhandedly. “I’m friends with Marissa, so… yeah,” he grinned, assuming that statement was self-explanatory. He wouldn’t hear the end of it if he didn’t tag along. Luckily he enjoyed the party atmosphere as a break from the norm. “I’ve never really got the hang of them, though,” he confided to Camilla with a conspiratory chuckle. He had been standing on the outskirts of the party when their paths had crossed that evening, and he hadn’t come any closer to being in the limelight. Informal parties such as this one featured on the short list of times Danny was content to not be the centre of attention. “Gimme a ballroom and a steady waltz and I’m right at home,” he elaborated, “but this,” he nodded to the general scenario illuminated by the colour-changing orbs floating above them, “is still a bit foreign.” Really he should be more accustomed to it by now, having lived at RMI for four years, but apparently old habits die hard. Maybe he’d get the swing of it before he graduated.

“I prefer parties without dancing,” he added, because sometimes Marissa or Rose or Holland or Danny himself would just gather their crowd together and they would have, well, more of a gathering than a party, he supposed. On those occasions the fifth year felt far more at ease; he would gossip and joke and hilariously insult them until they got fed up of him, but that feat was harder to accomplish when there was music and the sort of dancing that depended on a natural rhythm. Dardanius wasn’t sure he had a natural rhythm.

  • We are doing A-Okay - Camilla, Tue Jan 24 23:00
    While waiting for Danny to come back with the drinks, her eyes glanced around her. The music was constantly changing its rhythm and Camilla´s body reacted to the changes in subtle ways. Her foot... more
    • Long may it continue - Danny, Thu Jan 26 14:47
      • Hear! Hear! - Camilla, Sat Jan 28 21:08
        Danny seemed more at ease at the party than she would ever be. It was logical, really since he was more popular than her. He was more open than her, and she didn't really feel bad about it. The Ceti... more
        • Exactly - Danny, Tue Jan 31 01:24
          The water was a hit; Dardanius was relieved, and had a celebratory gulp of his own drink. “Do you guys get together very often?” Camilla asked, and Danny assumed she was talking about Marissa and the ... more
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