What if I run into that wall?
Wed Feb 1, 2017 17:26

Armaan answered Nick’s question, but more importantly the other boy moved closer to him and Nick felt himself flush. It wasn’t that he was uncomfortable, it was just that he was all of a sudden very aware of himself and his body and Armaan’s proximity. He felt a little weird, almost like he was being a bad person. On the one hand, he definitely liked Frankie as more than a friend - and on the other hand, there was no way that could be reciprocated. Even though Francine would probably never give up on the two best friends becoming a couple, it was a ship that Nick had considered mostly sailed from the beginning, but definitely since Frankie had admitted his interest in Holland at the Opening Feast.

So there was no real reason for Nick to feel slightly guilty because of his obvious attraction to Armaan, but he did anyway. But he pushed that feeling off to the side, determined to have a good time. There was fun music, there was a cute boy (who could definitely rock eyeliner), it should be a good time. And it definitely seemed like Armaan was at least a little bit interested in Nick, too, which was more than he could say for anyone since dance camp that last summer when he’d briefly hooked up with one of the boys in the class above his. It hadn’t been a bad experience, but it had definitely been casual with nothing else attached.

Casual was pretty much how Nick wanted to keep it, so he figured that pushing things a little bit farther with Armaan would be safe. He was pretty sure the other boy had never dated anyone, but knew he’d gone on at least a couple of dates. Casual was probably okay.

All of that flashing through Nick’s mind very quickly, the Draco responded by moving a little bit closer to Armaan to the point where they were almost touching.

“My week was pretty okay,” Nick said with a grin. “My classes aren’t hard and there’s a party, so I’m good with that.” He paused. “Yeah, definitely good with this whole party thing.”

  • I'll follow your lead - Armaan, Wed Jan 25 13:04
    Armaan followed Nick onto the dance floor, weaving his way around other students. It seemed like the room had become even more crowded since Nick had approached him. The high attendance wasn’t that... more
    • What if I run into that wall? - Nick, Wed Feb 1 17:26
      • Armaan’s stomach rumbled loudly, thankfully unintelligible over the loud music. He should have probably eaten a bit more than a Caesar salad for dinner, but the house elves were so good at making it... more
        • If you insist - Nick, Tue Feb 14 06:24
          Armaan had indicated that he was enjoying the party too, which Nick was glad about, but also hadn’t continued the conversation beyond that which made Nick feel a little bit awkward. The blonde... more
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