What is Horror but a Synonym for Amusement?
Fri Jan 13, 2017 21:31

The boy mumbled something about "buttered toast" before running ahead of her and making some of the loudest steps she'd ever heard. She gave something of a growl mixed with a scowl and ran to catch up him, her own footsteps muffled by fluffy pink feathers. Before she could open her mouth and tell him just exactly how much noise the boy was making she realized that the silhouette was no longer a silhouette, but a figure. A..transparent figure? It took her a minute to realize that she could see right through the now close phantom.

Her lips began to form a smile, but before she could celebrate the ghoul spoke- well, screamed. Its shout resonated and bounced off the old cobbled walls, riskily increasing the chance of Stella- of the two of them getting caught. She looked at the poltergeist, and then back at the boy. Poltergeist. Boy. Poltergeist. She groaned audibly and loudly, and squinted her eyes.

Stuffing her journal deep into her robe, she pulled out her wand and screamed. "HEY, GHOSTIE!" As the poltergeist turned it's head 180 degrees, she waved her wand wildly, praying to whichever eldritch god that would listen. Thankfully, the wand responded and bricks (along with some cobwebs and spiders) flew off the wall and through the ghost. Although they phased right through it, it was definitely caught off guard and Stella used that to pick up the boy wedding style and hightail it out of there.

"FIRSTIES OUT OF BED!! FIRSTIES OUT OF BED!!" the ghost screamed in different octaves, pretending like it was some sort of opera singer.

Stella ran fast, not looking back. She turned, zigzagged, and maneuvered deeper and deeper into the ruins until she found her self at a dead end. She gave a small whine and kicked the wall, but to her surprise her leg phased through the wall and she fell flat forward, still carrying the boy. They were in some sort of abandoned classroom. She sighed in relief. This would give them enough time to catch their breath and wait for the poltergeist to get tired of screaming. For the most part she could still hear the shouts echoing, but they seemed to be getting farther away.

Standing up and brushing the dust off her robe, she looked at the boy. Her eyes were now glaring at him and her nostrils flared. Silently, but harshly she whispered. "What the hell were you thinking running straight at it, that's not how these sort of things go! Who even are you?"

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