Brynjolf Nilssen
I can tell you she's left Norway
Tue Mar 14, 2017 15:45

Bryn was more than happy that this party was for all ages. While the last party that had been thrown was, it had been a Halloween costume party and it had been in front of staff eyes. Not the type of party the Draco liked to attend. While it wasn’t that big of a deal, it was just that most of the parties thrown in the passageways were for fourth years and up. Any of the other ones were usually considered to be places where the Nord couldn’t sneak in any alcohol. Despite being a third year, the male was closer to fifteen than the younger cusp of the kids in his year. Having a birthday on September 6th made it irritating. He wasn’t able to make it into the next year, but he was still older than most of the third years.

Next year, that wouldn’t matter. He’d be a fourth year and considered one of the “older” guys. Getting into a Marissa Kendrick party wouldn’t be hard at that point. Sure, it might still put him in the younger crowd, but he could care less. He wasn’t one for suits or anything overly fancy, but the third year had the distinct impression that this was a bit fancier and less of a hot casual deal. Bryn didn’t have much by way of nice clothes, but he’d managed to scrounge up some black dress pants and a long-sleeved white button down shirt with a blue vest. What had been a bit harder were the black dress shoes. It had taken a trip to Pearl Street to get those, but thankfully he had saved some spending money. It was worth the investment to complete his look.

Finding the party hadn’t been difficult at all, considering Bryn spent a good amount of his second year exploring the hidden areas. Besides, the music and other people headed in that direction tended to give it away. The flower thing was interesting, but he wasn’t really sure that he liked the idea of a blind date. It meant that he potentially had to get to know someone and that had potential disaster written all over it. If he got paired with a first year, he would probably keel over or something like that. With a certain reluctance, Brynjolf took the flower from Armaan.

It clashed a bit with the blue of his vest but he shrugged it off, no one said he needed to hang onto it once he found his date. He wandered in around the students, eyes scanning the different flowers. There seemed to be a good amount of different ones, which was probably good for people who didn’t know flowers. Bryn really wasn’t one of the people who could identify them, but thankfully the one in his hand grew in his mother’s garden, so he knew the name. After a walk or two around the outskirts of the dancefloor, Bryn caught sight of the flower identical to his, thankfully it belonged to a female.

The Draco wrinkled his nose, not really recognizing her, but she also had turned away from him. Sliding through the crowd of people who were either searching for or had already found their partener, Bryn made his way over. With the red poppy dangling from his fingertips (he’d yet to figure out where to put it), he tapped the girl on the shoulder.

Please tell me you have a red poppy, too. I am so not interested in playing Where’s Waldo all night.

With a half-smile, Bryn held up his own poppy for her to see. “If Where’s Waldo was what you were playing, I guess I’m Waldo?” He joked, giving her a full smile. He recognized her as one of the transfer students that had joined them after break, but he didn’t know her name. He knew the other one, Ruben, simply because he’d received a letter from one of his Drumstrang cousins about it. “I don’t think we’ve ever officially met?” He questioned, uncertain if it was just his memory or not. He hoped to think that he would have recognized her if he’d met her before. “I’m Brynjolf, but everyone just calls me Bryn.”

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    • I can tell you she's left Norway - Brynjolf Nilssen, Tue Mar 14 15:45
      • Eventually, Kaye would get to know everyone around her age at Rocky Mountain International. She knew Heather, because they unfortunately lived together, and she knew Ruben. Not well, but she knew his ... more
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            • That might be helpful - Bryn, Tue Mar 28 15:07
              “That makes two of us,” Bryn said with a grin, glad that she wasn’t really about dancing either. If she had been, well, the Nord was sure that Kaye would be disappointed in his skills. After all,... more
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