Russell Drew
I'm not dateless so much as clueless
Tue Mar 14, 2017 19:36

Apparently, Russell had either been too antisocial or too unaware of his surroundings, because it wasn’t until he got invited to this party that he found out there had actually been other parties happening all year. This didn’t honestly surprise him, nor did he feel particularly left out. He never went to parties at his old school in Sacramento, either... although that was possibly because it was a rather Serious Academic School and none of the other students threw parties... although in retrospect, he had been under the impression that RMI was also a Serious Academic School, or at least his parents were under that impression otherwise he wouldn’t have been allowed to come, and it had parties. So maybe he really had been excluded all this time.

It still didn’t bother him too much. The fourteen-year-old knew that he wasn’t the easiest to get on with, which he attributed in large part to his perpetual awkwardness, and he did like spending time by himself, or at least sometimes. Interacting with people when they were partnered up in class should be enough, anyways. Fortunately, he’d heard that this party was going to partner everyone up, so that was great. It meant he didn’t have to make a decision about who to hang out with and therefore make them wish they hadn’t come. The other person might still wish for a different partner, but it wouldn’t be his fault!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy. He was currently leaning against the wall by the food table and staring at the flower in his hand. Being a firmly Indoors sort of person, he couldn’t even honestly tell what type of flower it was; he could tell the difference between a tulip and a sunflower, duh, but most other flowers were kind of generically poofy and mixed together in his head. It wasn’t something he normally needed to know.

The flower’s colour, on the other hand, was the type of thing he constantly needed to know, not for flowers specifically, but, like, everything else. It was also the type of thing that he never would know, considering he was entirely colourblind. Russell was pretty good at distinguishing between shades of grey, but when handed a single flower - well, he didn’t know where to start. How could he tell what colour it was without something to compare to?

Tipping up his sunglasses (it was just dark enough in the room that he only cringed once at the onburst of light), he stared at the flower uninhibited and weighed it up against his mental catalogue of greys. The closest it matched was mid-to-heavy oak-panel-grey. He sighed and let his sunglasses fall back down again, using the newly-freed hand to instead grab a fistful of chips. That was super unhelpful. Flowers weren’t wood-coloured. Stuffing the chips in his mouth, he crunched down morosely.

Likely, the flower’s oaken tone was actually a different, more flowery-y colour. Russell had had more than enough life experience by now to know that, annoyingly often, two shades of grey that looked identical to him were actually two separate colours. (This was, in fact, actively demonstrated by his outfit tonight. He was wearing a button-down floral shirt and tie, short sleeves showing off his bony elbows and the hem tucked into his trousers, and a vest overtop that his dad had insisted he bring with him just in case there was reason to wear it. Given his dad’s Serious reputation, he assumed the vest was a ‘normal’ vest colour. The shirt and pants, in terms of greyscales, appeared to match - to Russell. ​In reality, they were probably far from it. The fact that he insisted on wearing his usual sandals couldn’t fix that, either.)

Giving up, the skinny teenager took a second handful of chips and walked off, accompanied by the sound of crunching, to look for someone else missing a partner. That seemed the easiest way to do this. Walking around the party area was pretty unsettling at times, and on no less than eight different occasions skittishly moving around people, he questioned why he’d even come, because he knew he hated crowds. It was too late to back out, though. He had a partner somewhere here, and he couldn’t let them down. Even though they would probably be let down upon meeting him...

Oh thank goodness, there was Marissa. They weren’t super close or anything (not that he was with anyone), but they’d worked together a bit in class, and she was nice. “Marissa!” he called, scurrying towards her, one hand clutching the mid-to-heavy oak-panel-grey flower and the other trying to make hasty repairs to his partially-fallen-out bun of moderately tangled brownish hair. “Help! Er, I mean, hi. Great party. Um, what colour is this?” he rattled off, sticking it in her face. In his mild panic, he conveniently forgot whether or not they’d had the Russell-is-colourblind conversation yet; he had been surprisingly able to avoid it so far at RMI. “Or do you know if anyone else even has this flower? ‘Cause I don’t want to make anyone feel left out by not being able to find them.” It was her party. She should be able to help.

  • Dateless at my own party?? - Marissa Kendrick, Mon Mar 13 21:43
    It looked like the party was off to a good start. Partnering with Armaan had made her a little unsure. She knew people would come to a party she threw, but Marissa was used to trusting her friends... more
    • I'm not dateless so much as clueless - Russell Drew, Tue Mar 14 19:36
      • It's okay. Clueless can be endearing. - Marissa, Tue Mar 14 21:15
        It wasn’t a third year, at least. Marissa enjoyed working with Russell in class. He was a little strange, which the Aquila thought was good. Everyone at Rocky Mountain International had their quirks. ... more
        • Not sure whether I'm relieved or confused - Russell, Wed Mar 15 12:25
          Marissa expressed pleasure at having him in attendance, and he blinked at her from behind his sunglasses, confused by that statement. Not bad confused, he thought, just confused, because obviously... more
          • You can be both. - Marissa, Wed Mar 15 15:54
            She plucked the carnation out of her hair and set it on the snack table. She paused, moved it to another spot on the table, and smiled. There, now it looked like a pretty decoration. She didn’t need... more
            • Oh good, that saves me the decision - Russell, Wed Mar 15 22:37
              Considering this was his first party (fancy birthday dinners with various relatives at his mom’s restaurant didn’t count), it did not come at all as a surprise to Russell to realize that he couldn’t... more
              • It's my job to make things easier! - Marissa, Thu Mar 16 13:29
                Even if Marissa didn’t want to plan a party with Armaan again, she’d call this specific event a success just based on all the pleasant surprises she saw around her. Danny and Camilla were dancing... more
                • It's easier than I expected. - Russell, Thu Mar 16 19:37
                  Once his feet had made the final slap to the ground in the drilled pattern, he opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was Marissa smiling widely at him. She had liked it? ...She had liked it.... more
                  • I'm good at what I do. - Marissa, Sun Mar 19 17:35
                    Russell’s question almost took her by surprise, and then she remembered this was his first year at Rocky Mountain International. She’d gotten used to him being in classes with her. There were also... more
                    • I'm starting to figure that out - Russell, Mon Mar 20 14:21
                      Russell had never taken a dance class. Or any type of class outside of his actual academics, really. It was hard to find classes with a physical environment he was comfortable in, and he’d given up... more
                      • It's a talent - Marissa, Sat Mar 25 23:21
                        Marissa grinned and made her way to the drinks, where she grabbed two cups and two cans of ginger ale. She knew she’d have fun with Russell, because the red head knew how to have fun in pretty much... more
                        • A natural gift - Russell, Mon Mar 27 01:00
                          Apparently, Marissa didn’t find him a drag after all. On one hand, he could understand that. Dancing together had been really fun. On the other hand, which was proportionately larger, Russell... more
                          • Organic! - Marissa, Fri Mar 31 21:37
                            It was really sweet how happy Russell was now. Marissa couldn’t think of a time where she’d seen the fourth year smile so genuinely. He was a really nice kid. A little odd, but everyone at Rocky... more
                            • Mechanic! - Russell, Fri Mar 31 23:08
                              Marissa didn't just offer to hang out, no - she offered to invite him along when we all hang out. He would've been happy simply with her promise to have him join her to practice dancing. But this,... more
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