Emmett Lawrence
I hope it's not me!
Tue Mar 14, 2017 20:32

When Emmett was picking out his outfit, he had not intended to look like Holland’s semi-matching prom date. Unfortunately, as he beheld their sparkly golden appearance, he glanced down at himself and felt the realization strike. Fortunately, it was just the bowtie that was gold on him - a fake bowtie, he might add, because who had time for that nonsense? - and the rest did differ. The white button up, black pants, and black dress shoes were fairly classic, but Emmett decided to jazz it up a bit with a soft pink jacket. He debated slicking back his hair or something, but in the end he decided to let his blond fluff mostly just do whatever, puffing up on top of his head.

Truthfully, he wasn’t really even that interested in attending this party, none too fond of the potential shenanigans that could arise from a Marissa Kendrick-propelled blind date party, but despite some mild expressions of disinterest to Holland, he knew all the while he’d end up going. Whine all he wanted, in the end, Emmett would never do something that might actively disappoint Marissa. She worked hard on these things, and she would want to see her friends there.

One of the party’s co-hosts handed him a red something or another (what the hell did he know about flowers?) upon arrival, but the Lyra didn’t put a lot of initial effort into finding its twin. He just tucked the flower in his left coat pocket, the colored petals poking out the flap, and headed for the snacks.

About halfway there he spied Rose at his destination. “Hey, Rose,” he called as he got closer. “Anything good over here?” Emmett surveyed the table for himself regardless of potential response, grabbing a small cheese cube and popping it in his mouth. He looked back up at her. “I like your dress,” he grinned. Then he noticed her flower, held against her by the strap of her dress. It looked like….

Emmett reached down and pulled his flower out if his pocket. “Well, well,” he chuckled. “I guess we’re hanging out tonight, unless you’ve got better plans.”

  • I can think of a person I'd like to blind - Rose Farnon, Tue Mar 14 20:10
    It probably wasn’t strictly Armaan’s fault that Rose was in a bad mood, but she was going to blame him anyway, the fifth year decided as she straightened the black dress in front of the mirror, gave... more
    • I hope it's not me! - Emmett Lawrence, Tue Mar 14 20:32
      • For once, you're in the clear - Rose, Wed Mar 15 09:36
        Honestly, there were probably worse people to have appeared at Rose’s elbow than Emmett Lawrence. Although she found him annoying and kind of puppy-pathetic at times, she was actually kind of fond of ... more
        • *Loud sigh of relief* - Emmett, Fri Mar 17 20:10
          Hm. Rose didn’t seem as fond of the cheese as he was. If he were any more dramatic an individual (if that was possible) he might have considered it a bad omen for a delectable little cute to inspire... more
          • Don't get too comfortable there - Rose, Sun Mar 19 11:43
            “Not too bad,” Rose acknowledged at Emmett’s punishment. Two weeks of detention wasn’t terrible at all, and twenty house points was nothing. Rose admittedly had never ended up with more than a week... more
            • When have I ever been "too" comfortable? - Emmett, Mon Mar 20 02:55
              “Oh my god!” Emmett laughed. “That’s hilarious.” He could just imagine Lucien with his legs immobilized and little birds bumping their pointy little beaks into the side of his head. It was probably... more
              • Let's shake things up, just in case - Rose, Fri Mar 24 04:48
                “Marissa’s pretty good, it’s all about teambuilding right now since we’re losing Justin Alderman after this year, at least,” Rose said. “And since we don’t have reserves we’ll probably have some... more
                • Shaken, not stirred? - Emmett, Fri Mar 24 23:09
                  Emmett hadn’t predicted Rose’s response. Admittedly, she was pretty unpredictable in general, at least to him, but he was just trying to not think so hard, and he hadn’t stopped to expect anything.... more
                  • Bond, James Bond. - Rose, Sun Mar 26 09:45
                    It was a little surprising that Emmett was still down to dance even though the mood of the songs had changed drastically. Emmett was an awkward little puppy and definitely wasn’t the smartest... more
                    • I guess that makes me the Bond girl - Emmett, Wed Mar 29 16:16
                      “Let’s do it!” She grabbed his hands and put them where she wanted them, and Emmett swallowed nervously, fighting off the rising heat in his cheeks. Well, this was certainly not how he had expected... more
                      • The role suits you - Rose, Thu Mar 30 09:16
                        Rose burst out laughing as Emmett thanked her for thanking him for the dance. Honestly, from his poleaxed look, Rose was a little surprised that he managed words at all. The fifth year hadn’t... more
                        • Well, if the mini skirt fits... - Emmett, Fri Apr 7 23:16
                          Wh… what? Wait, okay, so rewind. What had even just happened? Emmett and Rose danced, then she kissed him - Rose Farnon kissed him, Emmett Lawrence - and then he stood there like an idiot, as often... more
                          • Now there's something I'd like to see - Rose, Wed Apr 12 05:40
                            Although Emmett began answering her question like a normal person, he - completely out of nowhere - started babbling about how she had kissed him. Rose blinked hazel eyes at the fourth year, a little ... more
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