It's okay. Clueless can be endearing.
Tue Mar 14, 2017 21:15

It wasn’t a third year, at least. Marissa enjoyed working with Russell in class. He was a little strange, which the Aquila thought was good. Everyone at Rocky Mountain International had their quirks. He fit right in. He didn’t seem social, though, and she couldn’t remember seeing him at any of her other parties that year, so she couldn’t help but be a little surprised to see him. Of the people wanting her attention, he definitely was unexpected. She took another swig from her flask and felt the firewhiskey settle nicely in her stomach, creating a nice ball of warmth inside. She didn’t know much about him, but he would do.

“Hey,” she grinned, turning on her natural Kendrick charm. “I didn’t know you were coming; I’m glad you’re here.”

“ Um, what colour is this? Or do you know if anyone else even has this flower? ‘Cause I don’t want to make anyone feel left out by not being able to find them.”

She wasn’t wrong about Russell having his quirks. Marissa quickly glanced around the party. Everyone was already finding their pairs, so that was good. This wasn’t a total disaster. Her green eyes caught sight of her roommate. A lump of anxiety caught in her throat. Rose had seemed okay after she and Marissa talked about the gay discovery, but after a while, that had changed. It had gotten worse leading up to the party. The red head was convinced that Rose was mad at her; that wasn’t something she’d experienced yet. She didn’t like it. When she asked Rose what was wrong, she blew off the question, blaming the Lucien drama for her bad mood. She knew her friend well enough to know when she was lying, and it made her feel really, really terrible. She hoped hanging out with Emmett would improve Rose’s mood.

Marissa hadn’t even told Rose about her and Danny’s kiss earlier that week.

Speaking of Danny, where was he? Oh. She found him with his partner for the night, Camilla. Okay, that was fine. She threw parties so people could have fun. She wanted him to have fun. That was the goal for everyone: have fun. So what if Camilla was extra gorgeous tonight? Camilla and EJ weren’t dating, but maybe EJ would still his friend away later. Whatever, it would be a fun night. Danny and Rose would have fun. Marissa planned on having fun, too, so she took another drink and examined the flower Russell had shoved in her face.

“I haven’t seen anyone with it. It doesn’t match mine but, who cares? It’s my party; I can do what I want.” She grinned. “I haven’t seen anyone with my flower, either. We could partner up for the night, switch if our matches ever find us.”

  • I'm not dateless so much as clueless - Russell Drew, Tue Mar 14 19:36
    Apparently, Russell had either been too antisocial or too unaware of his surroundings, because it wasn’t until he got invited to this party that he found out there had actually been other parties... more
    • It's okay. Clueless can be endearing. - Marissa, Tue Mar 14 21:15
      • Not sure whether I'm relieved or confused - Russell, Wed Mar 15 12:25
        Marissa expressed pleasure at having him in attendance, and he blinked at her from behind his sunglasses, confused by that statement. Not bad confused, he thought, just confused, because obviously... more
        • You can be both. - Marissa, Wed Mar 15 15:54
          She plucked the carnation out of her hair and set it on the snack table. She paused, moved it to another spot on the table, and smiled. There, now it looked like a pretty decoration. She didn’t need... more
          • Oh good, that saves me the decision - Russell, Wed Mar 15 22:37
            Considering this was his first party (fancy birthday dinners with various relatives at his mom’s restaurant didn’t count), it did not come at all as a surprise to Russell to realize that he couldn’t... more
            • It's my job to make things easier! - Marissa, Thu Mar 16 13:29
              Even if Marissa didn’t want to plan a party with Armaan again, she’d call this specific event a success just based on all the pleasant surprises she saw around her. Danny and Camilla were dancing... more
              • It's easier than I expected. - Russell, Thu Mar 16 19:37
                Once his feet had made the final slap to the ground in the drilled pattern, he opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was Marissa smiling widely at him. She had liked it? ...She had liked it.... more
                • I'm good at what I do. - Marissa, Sun Mar 19 17:35
                  Russell’s question almost took her by surprise, and then she remembered this was his first year at Rocky Mountain International. She’d gotten used to him being in classes with her. There were also... more
                  • I'm starting to figure that out - Russell, Mon Mar 20 14:21
                    Russell had never taken a dance class. Or any type of class outside of his actual academics, really. It was hard to find classes with a physical environment he was comfortable in, and he’d given up... more
                    • It's a talent - Marissa, Sat Mar 25 23:21
                      Marissa grinned and made her way to the drinks, where she grabbed two cups and two cans of ginger ale. She knew she’d have fun with Russell, because the red head knew how to have fun in pretty much... more
                      • A natural gift - Russell, Mon Mar 27 01:00
                        Apparently, Marissa didn’t find him a drag after all. On one hand, he could understand that. Dancing together had been really fun. On the other hand, which was proportionately larger, Russell... more
                        • Organic! - Marissa, Fri Mar 31 21:37
                          It was really sweet how happy Russell was now. Marissa couldn’t think of a time where she’d seen the fourth year smile so genuinely. He was a really nice kid. A little odd, but everyone at Rocky... more
                          • Mechanic! - Russell, Fri Mar 31 23:08
                            Marissa didn't just offer to hang out, no - she offered to invite him along when we all hang out. He would've been happy simply with her promise to have him join her to practice dancing. But this,... more
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