Hunter Ioma
Blinded by the Party
Tue Mar 14, 2017 21:25

Hunter was beginning to feel a little bad about the amount of time he spent in the secret passages. It was seriously a lot. He knew there must be lots of other great places to explore in the school just… he couldn’t shake the feeling there was some ancient mystical secret locked away down here, or something. Or like… the ancient mystical heart of the school that no one knew about. Something ancient and mystical.

If that was true, tonight didn’t seem like the night he’d find it. He hadn’t been wandering long at all before his thoughts of the ancient and mystical were interrupted by the modern and temporal sounds of upbeat music. He didn’t mind in the least, though. Music meant there was someone other than Shifty Eyes down here, and despite knowing that the secret passageways weren’t all that secret, he hadn’t actually seen anyone else (other than Shifty Eyes) in them since the night he and Stella had stumbled into them.

He dashed about for a little while playing hot/cold with the music. Once he got a hang for the mood the passageways were in tonight he made progress quickly, and as he got close the volume of the music suggested it would be more than just one or two people hanging out. Rounding a final corner, he discovered the volume of the music was correct. From the number of people and how they were dressed and the dancing it was pretty clearly a full-fledged party. Which was cool.

But tricky. Everyone there seemed older, and in his experience older kids didn’t like younger kids crashing their parties. No one had tried to thump him yet here… but that didn’t mean they wouldn’t if he got in the way of them having some serious fun. He stood at the corner he’d come around for a bit, just watching. He had just about decided to go and maybe explore somewhere not the secret passages tonight when a much older kid handed him a flower.

Hunter looked at the flower in his hand and blinked a few times. It was a bellflower, sort of purple-blue. Hunter shrugged and guessed that meant he was allowed to stay. He stuck the flower behind his ear and kept close to the wall as he moved closer to see what he could see.

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