I can cross one place off the list, then.
Tue Mar 14, 2017 22:41

Eventually, Kaye would get to know everyone around her age at Rocky Mountain International. She knew Heather, because they unfortunately lived together, and she knew Ruben. Not well, but she knew his name. That was already a better friendship than anything else she had at the school so far. This guy wasn’t someone she’d worked with in class. She’d seen him around, possibly noticed him in the Finer Diner, but she had no idea who he was. Getting to know new people was the point of the party, so she was getting that part right, at least.

The Aquila was vaguely aware of all the people who were now at the party, and it made her fingers itch. It’d been a long time since she was around this many people in such a small space. It was perfect for pick pocketing shenanigans. All of the different styles would make it more of a challenge. She liked challenges. Granted, walking around and taking little things from people probably wasn’t part of the blind date agenda.

Later, Fagin. We’ve got time.

“Looks like I found you,” Kaye grinned, allowing her mind to wander back to the conversation at hand, “Or you found me, I guess?”

He admitted to not knowing who she was. Her constantly changing hair probably made recognition extra hard. The green was new. Who knew what she’d be wearing the next day? The wig was a little heavier than she was used to, but it wasn’t itchy, so she was enjoying the trial run so far. Bryn introduced himself to her. She stuck with remembering the short version of his name; the long version was already lost, not taking up any roots in the weedy garden in her mind.

“I’m Kaye,” she returned the favor by telling him her name. He didn’t say his last name, so she didn’t feel any pressure to tell him hers. She wouldn’t have, anyway. Being a bald girl with the last name Packman was probably one of the top five worst things that had ever happened to any teenager in existence. “So, what do we do at these parties? Dance, have some mind altering fun, maybe cause some mayhem?” It was hard to tell how serious her suggestions were. “I dunno what people do here, so you’re gonna have to be my guide for RMI’s party culture. You up for that?”

  • I can tell you she's left Norway - Brynjolf Nilssen, Tue Mar 14 15:45
    Bryn was more than happy that this party was for all ages. While the last party that had been thrown was, it had been a Halloween costume party and it had been in front of staff eyes. Not the type of ... more
    • I can cross one place off the list, then. - Kaye, Tue Mar 14 22:41
      • That's gotta be a pretty long list. - Bryn, Tue Mar 21 17:59
        Kaye was her name and Bryn chided himself for not remembering that much. He’d heard it before, judging by the familiarity of it. He still knew that he’d never personally met her. “Kaye,” he repeated, ... more
        • I can try to narrow it down - Kaye, Sat Mar 25 22:09
          Kaye chuckled and smirked ever so slightly. “It’s not my first party, but it’s my first party here,” she clarified. If she was being completely honest, she would have admitted that this was her first ... more
          • That might be helpful - Bryn, Tue Mar 28 15:07
            “That makes two of us,” Bryn said with a grin, glad that she wasn’t really about dancing either. If she had been, well, the Nord was sure that Kaye would be disappointed in his skills. After all,... more
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