Lucien Dubois
I'm just kind of dark right now
Wed Mar 15, 2017 01:38

Everything hurt.


In some ways, Lucien’s life had gotten better recently. He had reconciled with Francine - well, that wasn’t entirely the right word as they had never fallen too far apart, but he had (under pressure) come clean to her about some of the things that had been running confused circles in his head and she had accepted him for it, so it felt like they were reconciled. Admittedly, their dynamic was a bit weird to him. They had spent practically a whole weekend in the library, and while he really appreciated how much effort his girlfriend put into helping him research, he didn’t think it was going anywhere. He still had questions. His questions had questions. And Francine had really emphasized that he needed to apologize to Holland, but if he was going to apologize a third time, it should probably be sincere. Yes, as she’d made him realize, he wouldn’t want Francine to be uncomfortable if she was in Holland’s position, but he still couldn’t verbalize those other pronouns because it felt wrong and he didn’t know why. Shouldn’t he know that? He never used to have a lack of knowing about his own thought processes like this.

In other ways, Lucien’s life had gotten much, much worse. This was also tied to that lack of knowing about his own thought processes. He had freaked out at Camilla which, although justified, really hadn’t been the right format for expressing his concerns. Francine had, again, made that clear, and he had made an effort to apologize to Camilla properly, albiet in a very public place so as to deter her from further hexing him. It had gone as well as could be expected, and he’d thought that was the end of it. But apparently, Elijah Carthy hadn’t thought so. Lucien had known that Camilla and Elijah were pretty close, but he hadn’t realized that Elijah’s feelings for her ran a little deeper than friendship. He hadn’t cared to know that, really. But he had soon found out anyways, having been returning from a late-night study session when the Cetus literally dragged him into an abandoned corner and... well.

Everything hurt.

He should probably report this. Emmett impulsively punching him was one thing; Elijah had been something else entirely. There was a look in his eyes that Lucien had been quite unable to shake off from his memories, a look of pure rage, but focus, too, a disturbing focus that completely ignored his failed attempts at shaking the younger boy off. The seventh-year had had a moment in the halls where his fists miraculously made contact with Elijah, and he had briefly thought he stood a chance, but then that new transfer had shown up and decided to get involved for some reason. Elijah’s parting threat had cemented it for him - he couldn’t tell anyone about this. He would have to, for the sake of other students’ safety, but he would wait until he was certain neither boy would come after him again.

If he could be certain. Elijah’s face mid-threat had clearly warned death, whereas Ruben’s hovering in the background had been stretched in a smile that said he’d enjoyed it. That was, frankly, a terrifying combination. So he tried to remain standing as much as he could without drawing attention, and kept his shirts tightly tucked in to keep anyone from seeing the damage underneath, and he used Francine’s gifted polaroid to record the disturbing blackness of his ribs for whenever he’d be able to report it, and he tried to focus on the biological side - painful, swollen, but nothing broken - because otherwise his brain went funny again and he stood even less a chance of sleeping.

He and Francine had decided to go to Marissa’s party. Probably not a good decision, but he had made some comment to her about feeling like he was on the verge of hiding and not wanting to; she had then expressed concern for his well-being and subsequently decided that she would come with him to the next major social event. Which was well and fine, except that conversation happened before Elijah. Did he still want to go? Nope, he was fine with hiding instead. Did he want to tell Francine that? Even more nope, because she’d surely ask why he had changed his mind and he would have to tell her about this. It had only been a few days ago, and he had managed to hide it from her so far, but he wanted to stretch it out a little longer so that his body didn’t look quite so broken when she inevitably saw it. So, here they were.

Stiffly accepting a flower from Armaan (not that he had anything against Armaan; he just literally couldn’t bend his arm very well, although he supposed it worked in his favour that he had a history of stiff-ish movements as it didn’t draw any extra attention), he spared it a brief glance, not really registering the type or colour, before tucking it behind a fold of fabric on the lapel of his dress robes and offering Francine his arm again. His robes were coloured in varying, muted shades of green with silver accents, which complemented her outfit without matching too closely and had the additional benefit of fully covering every inch of skin outside of his hands and face. Elijah had darkened the bruise on his face (more efficiently than Emmett, he had unfortunately noted) but hopefully the busyness of the party and darkened Passageways would keep people from noticing too much.

Francine was the first to spot her partner. When she pointed out who it was, Lucien nearly froze on the spot. Damnit. Elijah. Great. Of course. She noticed his sudden stillness but didn’t seem to realize its exact source and just gave his arm a reassuring squeeze, reminding him that they’d be close by all evening, before going to meet the sixth-year. He assumed she meant it as in, she would be looking out for him, but frankly, knowing that she was paired off with the same asshole whose fists he had become more familiar with than he ever wanted to - well, he was going to be keeping an eye on her, big time.

Moving to the wall, Lucien leaned against it, hands fisted deep in his dress robe pockets. He tried to act casual, though his eyes kept darting back to Francine behind his glasses. Still, he was able to pay enough attention to the other partygoers to identify, in addition to Elijah, both of the other boys who had physically attacked him (although Emmett was pretty low on his danger scale by comparison), as well as several who had tried and/or succeeded in hexing him, several who had pranked him more innoculously, Danny who had been so far the only one to actually shout at him, and quite a few Lyras who had told him about Holland’s dorm access. And also Holland. Okay, this was awkward and an overall bad idea.

There was no easy way out, though, especially when Sorsha approached him at the wall. Considering their history, he was vaguely surprised that she didn’t immediately join the let’s attack Lucien train. Then again, he hadn’t had much contact with her this year since he and Francine were dating and he had attempted to avoid arguing with his girlfriend’s friends, so maybe things had settled down between them. “Have we been matched up?” the Québécois echoed, tone devoid of emotion, as he glanced back down at his flower to verify what exactly it was, again. Yep, a buttercup. “Okay, great. Erm... how have you been, Sorsha?” he asked her, trying to put some sincerity behind the question instead of just sounding like he was trying to pass the time, which he was.

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    • I'm just kind of dark right now - Lucien Dubois, Wed Mar 15 01:38
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