Francine Holtz
Why so glum, chum?
Wed Mar 15, 2017 02:09

In a bizarre twist of events, it was Lucien who wanted to attend a party and Francine who didn’t. It was a blind date party, and she already had the only date she wanted, eyes open. She was certain that her boyfriend felt the same way - the advantage of dating the school paraiya: no one else liked him enough for the risk of infidelity to ever be an issue - but she understood why he wanted to go. Lucien Dubois hid from no one. Even if maybe he wanted to, he wouldn’t. She respected that.

But she wasn’t about to let him go alone. A lot of stuff had been happening lately, maybe a sliver of it deserved but mostly, Francine thought, way over the line. Lucien had been disrespectful, and it was something to work on, but they were working on it together. The fact that half the school seemed to want to physically destroy him was way over the line. If anything were to happen at the party, she wanted to be there. Not that she could really do anything about it - she was tiny, fragile, and pacifistic - but maybe if she cried enough they’d leave him alone.

She slid happily onto his arm as they headed to the Passageways, smiling optimistically as she silently prayed her enthusiasm was justified. If nothing else, they looked adorable in their color-coordinated outfits. Her green chiffon dress covered one arm and hid her bony shape quiet nicely, and while it stopped just above her knee, she had dealt with it accordingly, with black boots that came above the knee, and grey tights covered the inch or so gap between dress and boot. The only real eccentricity of the outfit was the backpack she’d recently acquired, which was basically a plush pineapple on her back. Francine didn’t wear a lot of lipstick this year - mostly because she did a lot of kissing this year and it was messy - but tonight she decided to break out a nice nude. Another abnormality for her, she’d decided to put her hair up for the night; a high ponytail, well-kept by her standards, bounced behind her as they strolled.

“Thank you,” she smiled as Armaan handed her a flower. A lotus. How cute. Lucien’s flower wasn’t the same, though, which was a bit of a bummer. However, she soon spied its mate in the possession of Elijah. She was glad to see she’d be spending the evening with a face she knew to be friendly if she wasn’t going to be with Lucien. “Hey, there’s my date,” she teased lightly. Francine noticed Lucien grew a bit tense just about then, although she wasn’t sure why exactly, who he had seen that upset him. Maybe it was just Holland, who looked pretty feminine tonight. Obviously, she knew this wasn’t how it worked, but it seemed a bit rude to go through so much trouble of explaining Not Being A Girl and then dress up like one in front of the guy your friends wrecked for you. (Although she had to admit, they looked good.) “I won’t be far,” she reminded Lucien, kissing his cheek lightly and praying her lipstick stayed. “I’ll save you a dance anyway.”

She gave him one last smile before heading over to Elijah, fully intending to keep an eye on Lucien. Francine would just have to glance around every couple minutes or so. “Hey, stranger,” she greeted Elijah once she was close. “Nice lotus you got there. She gestured to its twin resting on her ear, its stem tucked behind. “You wouldn’t mind some company, would you?” Honestly, she was pretty glad to be matched with him. They hadn’t had much time to talk this year, Francine caught up in her relationship with Lucien, but she’d still always considered Elijah a friend.

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    • Why so glum, chum? - Francine Holtz, Wed Mar 15 02:09
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