Dade Farnon
Neither blind nor partying
Wed Mar 15, 2017 06:09

Once again, Dade was in attendance at a party that he didnít strictly want to be at, in attire he didnít strictly want to be wearing, all because he felt bad saying no to Remington when she got too excited about things. It was a problem, largely because Remington has this tendency to get excited about things, especially things to do with socializing and people, which were two of Dadeís least favorite things. Fortunately she was also interested in strange library books and helping him learn more interesting magic than they were being taught in class, otherwise there would have been a problem. Although arguably there was a problem, since Dade was in the secret passageways at night wearing black pants and a purple button-down that complemented the green in his hazel eyes, instead of being in his room, asleep or in the commonroom, hiding from his roommates. Fortunately, it looked like neither Alistair nor Thomas were at the party yet, and Dade hoped it would keep that way. The younger years hadnít precisely been invited to Marissaís event, they just hadnít been explicitly barred the way they had been with other parties. Parties Dade hadnít cared about because the twelve-year-old did not like parties.

And yet, here he was.

He had been handed some sort of purple-blue flower shaped sort of like a bell upon entering the area of the passageways that was lit, that soon began blaring music. The whole premise of this nonsense was to find the person who matched your flower and presumably get to know them from there, which Dade thought was stupid. He looked around for Remington. He had no intention of playing this game that Marissa and whoever the kid handing out the flowers had set up. He didnít want to meet new people and he didnít want to try new things. Dade would be perfectly happy serving as Remingtonís shadow for the night. He didnít mind being the third wheel in any given conversation; it made it less likely that he would have to talk.

Tucking the flower into the pocket of his pants so that the stem was almost completely hidden, Dade skulked over to the wall of the passageways as his eyes continued to scan the room, waiting for Remington to walk in.

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    • Neither blind nor partying - Dade Farnon, Wed Mar 15 06:09
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          • I don't want to be together with you - Dade, Tue Mar 21 05:30
            Dade breathed a sigh of relief when Remington appeared next to him, clutching a flower. It didnít match his, but that was fine with him. The rules of this party were stupid anyway, and he didnít want ... more
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