Somehow I find that unlikely
Wed Mar 15, 2017 15:46

One of the few things Connor had in common with his younger brother - a thing they both did not have in common with Rose - was an appreciation for silence. Connor coupled that appreciation with one for polite, sedate conversation because he was not as antisocial as Dade was (not that he was as social as Rose was; Connor was the middle child in more ways than one). However, what Marley was neither polite nor sedate and that was something he had forgotten - or perhaps, blocked out - about his previous interactions with her. Not that he particularly wanted to be engaged in conversation with his yearmate to begin with, but if he was in a conversation with her, Connor would have liked to be able to get in a word edgewise.

“I suppose,” the second year responded in response to Marley’s question about the perceived difference between parties. He had absolutely no idea what kind of family Marley was from, except they couldn’t possibly be respectable, so it was a surprise to find out that she was unfamiliar with informal parties. Although apparently hers weren’t formal, exactly. Connor was confused. He was almost tempted to voice his confusion, but fortunately Marley had decided to keep talking, depriving Connor of the opportunity to make the poor life decision of giving Marley another opening. On the other hand, it amounted to the same thing since either way he ended up with a still-talking Marley.

And now she was talking about - pineapple backpacks? Connor couldn’t have asked for a more random change in topic. He didn’t care about whether or not Marley would wear a pineapple backpack. Connor certainly wouldn’t, Rose wouldn’t, and if Dade even thought about it Connor would step in to save his brother the embarrassment of being associated with people who thought pineapple backpacks were cool. People like Marley. Now if only he could prevent himself from associating with Marley anymore, that would be fantastic. He was seriously regretting stepping outside his comfort zone to come to this ridiculous gathering.

Oh. Marley had paused for longer than she had since she began talking, which Connor assumed meant he was supposed to say something. He tried to remember what she had been going on about. Right. Plant-shaped backpacks.

“You could always use a mandrake,” the boy suggested half-heartedly, naming the first plant that came to mind as his hazel eyes roamed the room for any reason to not talk to Marley. He saw Rose by the food table talking to one of the older boys he didn’t know. He looked around for Dade and found him talking to a smaller first year that Connor recalled as being particularly clueless. Good luck to Dade, then. “I’m going to get some food. My sister is over there.” Connor said, turning to break away from the quicksand that was this disaster of a conversation.

  • We can be excited together! - Marley, Wed Mar 15 14:24
    “Oh, right,” she giggled again at the reminder that she hadn’t actually greeted him. “Good evening to you too!” Connor was always kind of formal, whereas Marley was super not formal, as proved now... more
    • Somehow I find that unlikely - Connor, Wed Mar 15 15:46
      • “Mandrake!” Marley echoed. “That’s not really a fruit, is it? Well, I guess pumpkin isn’t a fruit, either. Or is it? I don’t actually know. Anyways,” she rounded off hastily, having noticed that... more
        • I do, indeed, seem to be stuck - Connor, Tue Mar 21 14:23
          Oh no, Marley was coming with him? Connor groaned internally as she skipped along. The whole point had been to get rid of her without being rude, but he saw clearly that particular avenue of... more
          • You're not getting away easily - Marley, Wed Mar 22 12:20
            “You don’t?” she interjected with more than a little shock. Not that it was a problem that Connor apparently didn’t enjoy eating sweets or - crisps, whatever those were - clearly not important - but... more
            • Not to say that I'm not trying - Connor, Fri Mar 24 04:33
              To his utter lack of surprise, Marley hopped right in after his comment about cheese. To his surprise - although it shouldn’t have been, really - she proceeded to utterly baffle him within seconds.... more
              • It's really not your best effort - Marley, Fri Mar 24 14:13
                Caught by surprise, she blinked at Connor a few times before bursting into giggles. He didn't have a very obvious sense of humour, but she had learned over the past twoish years that he could be... more
                • Well I wouldn't want to be rude - Connor, Sun Mar 26 09:15
                  Great, now Marley was acting like he was stupid for not knowing what cheese in a jar was. Connor bristled a little bit. Well maybe she was the stupid one for eating cheese that came in a jar . There... more
                  • You've been anything but! - Marley, Sun Mar 26 13:09
                    "That's one way to put it," she agreed brightly, or as brightly as she could manage through her mouthful of brownie. Innovative was too fancy of a word for something as boring as Cheese Whiz, but it... more
                    • I do try my best - Connor, Mon Mar 27 04:28
                      Well he shouldn’t have been surprised that Marley was prone to outbursts but Connor couldn’t say that he wasn’t surprised by the comment that had triggered this one. He was confused. Muggle food was... more
                      • Let me help you with that - Marley, Tue Mar 28 00:48
                        “Well, yeah,” Marley returned, not picking up on his patronizing tone. “But that’s proof, isn’t it? A lot of Muggle food and wizard food aren’t very different at all, since they have the same food... more
                        • I wouldn't call any of this 'helping' - Connor, Mon Apr 10 04:45
                          Apparently he had offended Marley by explaining the nature of the world to her, which was somehow unsurprising. In Connor’s experience (largely at RMI), people who weren’t purebloods could get awful... more
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