Remington Burnham
My clothes might be bright enough to blind
Wed Mar 15, 2017 21:37

There were way more parties at Rocky Mountain International than Remington expected. Granted, she was barely twelve, so parties weren’t even on her radar when she started school. She went to the one during Halloween, and she had a fun time playing with her kite. She’d taken it out a couple of times after coming back from midterm. She didn’t realize that flying a dragon shaped kite would be as relaxing as it was.

Anyway, she liked that the Halloween party a lot, so when she found out that the red head from that party was throwing a different one, she wanted to go. Remington invited Dade to go with her. It was a blind date party, but they were kids, so she sincerely doubted they’d get roped into the dating part of the whole thing. It was in the passageways, which she’d barely explored so far, and younger years weren’t technically not invited. If they didn’t like it, she pointed out, they could always find a different part of the passageways and play with more spells.

This wasn’t a costume party, but it was still a Party, so the first year decided to dress up. The Draco put on the fanciest dress she owned, a white a-line dress with cherries on it. Remington always wore her school robes, because it was uniform and they were supposed to, but she was pretty sure that school robes wouldn’t be part of the dress code. She felt exposed without them, though, and frowned at her bare arms in her reflection. Deciding she wanted sleeves, she pulled on a bright yellow shrug over her dark skin. That was better. Remington wasn’t super self-conscious about the baby fat that still clung to her, but she’d gotten used to being engulfed by her robes. The shrug was a nice way to trick her brain.

The dress went down to just under her knees, and she felt that it covered enough that she didn’t need leggings. She slipped her feet into yellow flats that looked like winking cats with hearts for eyes and added a blue bow to her curly brown hair. The bow was about the size of a teacup, and it was super sparkly, and it didn’t really match the rest of her outfit, but she didn’t have any fruit themed bows to wear. She’d have to tell Dad; he’d fix that.

It took her a really long time to find the party. She’d only been in the passageways a couple of times, and the party wasn’t in any of the ones she knew. By the time she figured out where the music was coming from, the party was already well under way. There was a table at the entrance with a few flowers scattered here and there. It looked like they were being handed out, but she didn’t see any student giving them away. She didn’t exactly know what they were for, either, since there wasn’t a big kid there to explain. Everyone seemed to have flowers with them, though. Maybe they were just party favors?

Remington grabbed a big orange flower with multiple layers of skinny petals and stuck it through the center of her bow. There, now her bow was themed. It wasn’t fruit related, but it matched the flower party she found. She began scanning the room with her brown eyes, and she spotted Dade almost immediately. That made her smile. She knew that being around people wasn’t really his thing, but he tried, and that mattered. With a little bounce in her step to match whatever weird song was playing in the background, she made her way over.

“Hey,” she greeted Dade and leaned against the wall next to him, “Sorry that I was late. I couldn’t find the party! The passageways are way bigger than I thought. Someone should really try to map them out.”

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    • My clothes might be bright enough to blind - Remington Burnham, Wed Mar 15 21:37
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          Dade breathed a sigh of relief when Remington appeared next to him, clutching a flower. It didn’t match his, but that was fine with him. The rules of this party were stupid anyway, and he didn’t want ... more
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