Rose Farnon
Woah now how come you're the captain?
Sat Jan 14, 2017 13:19

As Marissa’s roommate and number one BFF, Rose had critical jobs important to the party. Jobs like “help arrange snacks” and “help decorate” and “make sure Marissa’s breath doesn’t smell like alcohol”. The first two were no biggies, but the third one had sent Rose to the library when she wasn’t in classes all week, researching and researching. She and Marissa had uh - experimented - with some of the firewhiskey to test her research. A couple of odor-removing charms did no good, neither did an air filtration spell (it had been a long shot) and charming the actual firewhiskey hadn’t worked either. Ultimately Rose had settled on charming a candy to be extra scented, in the hopes it would hide the smell of alcohol. Unfortunately, the only thing that she could charm successfully was a box of Ice Mice. Still, she’d given Marissa some just in case.

When it was time for the party, Rose pulled one one of her favorite blue skirts and a strappy black crop-top that revealed more skin than was probably acceptable for school. She’d coupled that with a pair of strappy black sandals and a purple-tinted lipstick that she’d gotten at Diagon Alley one of the times she’d run away from home over the summer. It was promised to be ‘no fade, no smear’, which Rose didn’t believe for a hot second but was willing to give a try anyway. After debating for a minute, the fifth year added some mascara and the tiniest bit of black eyeliner. She almost added a light glitter eyeshadow, but stopped herself, deciding on restraint for the first party of the year. Marissa’s parties were epic and prolific; there would be another one at Halloween and at least one after Midterm. There would be time.

Thinking ahead, Rose grabbed her small backpack where she stashed her broom, among other things. She slipped in her wand and the lipstick and headed down to the common room. They were lucky in that there was an entrance to the passageways right next to their fireplace; other students would have to sneak out of their Houses, but all she had to do was slip down to the Commons. Of course, it meant a walk through the Secret Passageways but that didn’t really bother her.

Rose headed into the Passageways, paused to get her bearings, and then from there took an immediate right, headed down the corridor, and then turned left. The path from Aquila to the part of the Passageways the party was in was a windy one. It passed by the portrait of Minerva that Mad, who Rose waved a cheerful hello to. She also ran into Shifty Eyes briefly. The golden-eyed poltergeist taunted her and threatened to go to Headmaster Bonilla, but Rose wasn’t worried. Shifty was mostly talk.

Marissa had left before Rose to get to the party and add the final touches, and Rose grinned at her roommate on the way in. She then headed straight for the area that was destined to become the dance floor. Frankie Munro was already dancing there, and Rose set her backpack down to join him. She wasn’t worried about someone taking it; she had charmed it to scream bloody murder if anyone tried, a charm that had been tested by both of her little brothers at one point or another.

“Hey,” she grinned up at Frankie. He was much taller than her and pretty attractive - for a Quidditch rival, anyway. “Fancy seeing you here. Have you had any punch yet?” Rose was genuinely unsure if Marissa had spiked it or not. They’d decided to keep the actual bottle of firewhiskey in their room, but Rose also knew her roommate was using a charmed flask to drink at the party itself.

  • Party Captain is here! - Frankie Munro, Sat Jan 14 11:21
    Frankie Munro had heard the word party, and he was there. He had known about the “secret passageways” since his second year. The grey-eyed boy wasn’t even sure why they called them secret anymore... more
    • Woah now how come you're the captain? - Rose Farnon, Sat Jan 14 13:19
      • “Hey, fancy seeing you here. Have you had any punch yet? Rose Farnon greeted him. Frankie’s smile didn’t diminish seeing the fifth year. In the few interactions, he had with Rose he always liked her. ... more
        • So what happens if I claim it too? - Rose, Wed Jan 18 13:33
          ”Is it spiked?” Rose shrugged in response. It was Marissa’s party and she knew Marissa had firewhiskey on her, but she wasn’t sure if her roommate had actually gone so far as to spike the punch.... more
          • We'd both be Party Captains! - Frankie, Sat Jan 21 08:11
            Rose had shrugged by his question of the punch being spiked. The seventh year took a mental note to stick to his flask of pumpkin juice. Not knowing what was in it was a sure fire way to keep Frankie ... more
            • Rasnick was for sure a hardass in Defense, Rose agreed with Frankie there. She still took Defense - still liked Defense, but there was no argument about Rasnick. There were the craziest rumors of... more
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