If a little slow sometimes
Mon Apr 15, 2019 15:12

Laughter was normally a humour thing, but it didn’t have to be - for example, it’d come up in a discussion during one of the introductory classes for their Healing internship that people might laugh or have other unexpected reactions to shock - but Claudia’s laugh now seemed to be genuinely amused. Dark brows arching in some confusion, Marley didn’t have to wait long for Claudia’s reassurance that the mafia Dubois senior gen wasn’t out to get her brother and his partner. “Well thank goodness!” she returned emphatically, and smiled back, relieved in equal parts to know that Holland and Danny weren’t running for their lives as she was with the knowledge that her wrong guess had caused Claudia some joy. (Even though it hadn’t been intentional. At all. Like, surely anyone else given the same vague and totally sketch description would’ve also jumped to the conclusion that death was on the line!)

The angle of her eyebrows went from up to frowning as Claudia continued. It sounded pretty serious… and at the same time, she didn’t get why being the sudden recipient of a-lot-a-lot of money had made her friend appear so upset when Marley first arrived at her breakfast table. When she thought about her time at Claudia’s home, and about the marble and gold filigree and fruit trees grown indoors and private pool that was probably larger than the main and second floor combined at her parent’s Toronto townhouse, it didn’t honestly seem like her parents not getting an inheritance was the worst thing, because obviously they still had a lot of money by themselves. And Holland had mentioned in one of their letters moving to a house that Danny had bought, like, not even a house just for them but for basically all the former seventh-years to live in together, which was so adorable, and she remembered something about Danny working full-time, so obviously he was doing pretty well for himself too. If Claudia had been made the heir (heiress) then wasn’t that a glass half full kind of situation? Like, there was a-lot-a-lot she could do with a-lot-a-lot of money. Including giving some back to her family if she wanted to.

...if that was even how inheritances worked. Maybe Purebloods did some blood magic thing to make sure that only the designated heir (heiress) would get the money, and then punish them if they went against the family will or whatever. She’d like to think some snarky comment about how she wouldn’t put it past them, but Claudia hadn’t actually confirmed how mafia-y her family was, so she would give them the benefit of the doubt, at least until she got some explanation on why changing their inheritance was such a bad thing here.

Marley knew they’d grown up in totally different ways and her perspective on money was totally different as a result. Claudia had probably never been inside a trailer, let alone lived in one, and although Marley didn’t have access to her parents’ or grandparents’ bank accounts, they talked frankly enough about money that she knew she wouldn’t be getting much beyond some support for post-secondary education. Just the concept of an inheritance was alien to her.

She was grateful, if a little surprised, when Claudia passed her the letter, and voiced her thanks before skimming through it. Her first thought was that it was awfully formal and a stuffy read, and her second thought was that it absolutely fit her expectations in that way; thirdly wasn’t it strange how it seemed like there was tons to be read between the lines here yet she couldn’t quite put her finger on any of it, and fourth… ick. Yup, just ick. There was something that felt wrong about thinking rudely towards her best friend’s grandparents, but also, the opinion that her best friend was valued solely by her male relatives and, failing that, by her money was just such a bi- witchy thing to say. Ick again for emphasis.

“I’ve never known anyone to be disinherited before.”

“Makes two of us,” Marley quipped back, shaking her head as Claudia continued on. It hadn’t even occurred to her that where her friend lived might be affected by this until she’d mentioned it. “Yeaah, neither option sounds great. It sort of sounds like they expect you not to keep being associated with your family?” she speculated, glancing back down at the letter and how it so carefully skirted around even using the other Dubois’ names. “But why would they spring this on you without giving any more explanation?Especially when this has never happened before? It’s ridiculous. They’ve got to know you don’t have, like, a how-to manual for what next.” She huffed out a sigh that was somewhere between confused and annoyed. “You know you’re always welcome to stay with me. It wouldn’t be your style at all, but I bet your grandparents wouldn’t come nosing into the Muggle Toronto suburbs, so it’s a good ‘none of the above’ option.” She wasn’t joking - it’d actually be neat to introduce Claudia to her life - but this wasn’t the ideal scenario for it, so it was definitely a sarcasm. Rolling her eyes, she offered the letter back to Claudia. And then paused. “They wouldn’t kick your parents out of the house and give it to you or something, would they? Or take Danny’s house away?”

It was sad to hear her friend reach the same misogynistic summary of her value - in some ways Marley had felt like they’d made progress on that front, re: helping reinforce to Claudia her inherent self-worth, and this acknowledgement felt like a step back. But then Claudia took a massive leap forwards and she couldn’t hold back a sudden, ear-splitting grin. “Yaaas girl. You’re the one living your life, and everyone’s gonna have opinions on how you should do it, but you’re the final decision,” she asserted, involuntarily rapping her knuckles on the table like a gavel. “You, of all people, sure as heck don’t need money to lure a man. You could take it and go to uni, or travel around, whatever, and find what you want to do. And if what you wanna do is be a Pureblood housewife,” Marley shrugged, finally able to be accepting of that and not resigned, “no shade there, but you don’t need to let someone else decide for you.”

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