Time is relative
Wed Apr 17, 2019 11:17

Marley ranted about Claudia’s dilemma: her lack of knowledge regarding what this disinheritance meant for her individually, besides the obvious increase in financial capital. Claudia found her frustration soothing in its distraction from the anxiety such uncertainty inevitably brewed. She knew her friend was joking, but a ‘how to’ manual sounded particularly useful: Claudia had never considered this eventuality until recently. Two years prior, she did not have any reason to believe it would ever happen to her.

“You know you’re always welcome to stay with me,” Marley said, and while Claudia was reasonably sure the comment was as flippant as the manual remark made the previous moment, the idea held instant appeal. Staying with Marley was preposterous, but Claudia wanted to see how her friend lived. It sounded cramped and not particularly comfortable, but if Marley could survive whole summers in that manner, Claudia should be able to survive one night. She shelved the idea to discuss at another time, when she was not already processing a change in circumstance.

Claudia took her letter back from Marley and stuffed it unceremoniously into her book bag, taking out her ire and dissatisfaction in a manner that would not cause greater problems. “They wouldn’t kick your parents out of the house and give it to you or something, would they? Or take Danny’s house away?” Marley asked.

“I’m certain they would if they could,” Claudia said without emotion, “but my parents and Danny own their homes outright. My parents would traditionally have purchased the first family home for the heir,” she said, “on his successful betrothal, so he could live there with his wife.” She was getting much better at acknowledging aloud, “That’s obviously not happening for Danny. I don’t think he’ll mind too much.” If she was only hearing now, she doubted Danny would even know about the change in circumstances. That was another conundrum to contemplate another time.

Following her resolution to take charge of her own destiny, Claudia should have expected some positive reaction from Marley, yet she was sufficiently ill prepared that the Lyra’s reaction caught her off-guard. Claudia laughed again; Marley’s enthusiasm was infectious. She couldn’t help feeling flattered to hear that ‘of all people’ Claudia did not need to rely on external factors to secure affection - it was a refreshing change from popular perception - and Marley’s acceptance of a traditional marriage as a worthy goal filled Claudia with warmth. “Well,” Claudia said, feeling a reckless buzz she decided must be self-confidence - a foreign experience - “first I’m going to eat my bagel. Then we’re going shopping. I have a burning desire for a new wardrobe, and a lot of money to spend.”

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    Laughter was normally a humour thing, but it didn’t have to be - for example, it’d come up in a discussion during one of the introductory classes for their Healing internship that people might laugh... more
    • Time is relative - Claudia, Wed Apr 17 11:17
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