I know the story
Fri Apr 19, 2019 18:33

Wow Magdalena was getting a lot out of the random blotches in her cup. It was impressive. If Drew had to say what those shapes were—he leaned forward a little to check out what she was looking at—he would guess a wonky six-pointed star, a chevron, a circle, and a smaller wonky star (with only four points). Maybe he just didn’t have a good enough imagination, or maybe when you took Divinations you got better at Rorschaching.

She didn’t seem very worried about having an argument with her sister, which seemed weird to Drew. Besides Connor, he couldn’t think of anyone he was close to who it wouldn’t be a big deal to fight with. He and Madeleine didn’t fight much, but Drew had seen what it was like when his sister decided she hated someone and he never wanted to be on the receiving end of that. (Like, it was good she didn’t have a wand yet, or else Toby would have been transfigured into a sea slug by now.) Same with Kit: she was mostly harmless but she could be really annoying about it. Dakota was not harmless and Drew really didn’t want to fight with her. And it would really suck to be in an argument with Darlene or Remington, because they were the people Drew talked to the most. Okay, maybe fighting with anyone else wouldn’t be so bad, but he still wanted to avoid it if he could.

He wasn’t sure if tea-leaves-say-there-will-be-a-betrothal was the kind of news you congratulated someone for, but Magdalena seemed excited. “Congrats,” Drew hazarded. “Do you know who it is?” The people who cared about betrothals really cared, which made sense. Drew would probably care a lot too if someone else was picking who he was going to marry. He knew Darlene’s family did betrothals, but she had never talked about or seemed worried about that so maybe it wasn’t on the horizon?

Maybe Magdalena could tell him if that was something he needed to be concerned about. “Okay, tell me my future,” he said, grinning across the table as he passed his cup to her. There were clumps of tea leaves in it just like in hers, but Drew couldn’t even guess what they were supposed to be. Like, that long one probably wasn’t a giraffe, right?

  • You've got it in one - Alena, Sat Apr 13 10:53
    Drew was seeking general guidance which Alena could understand. Drew's life was very complicated. His family situation was so distorted Alena's head hurt trying to make sense of it and his friends... more
    • I know the story - Drew, Fri Apr 19 18:33
      • Then you know how it ends - Alena, Sun Apr 28 07:20
        “Do you know who it is?” Magdalena’s mouth twisted as she tried to bury her laughter. “Mmmh, yes. I think I do.” Alena and Nolan may not be engaging in militant make-out sessions around the school,... more
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