Then you know how it ends
Sun Apr 28, 2019 07:20

“Do you know who it is?”

Magdalena’s mouth twisted as she tried to bury her laughter. “Mmmh, yes. I think I do.” Alena and Nolan may not be engaging in militant make-out sessions around the school, but their relationship was common knowledge, and anyone who knew the couple understood that neither considered it a frivolous venture; marriage was the end goal. But, Drew wasn’t Alena’s friend, and it was clear that he did not share her preoccupation with the future, so of course he wouldn’t immediately think of Nolan. It was unlikely he had ever considered marrying Darlene. Which was, she reasoned, probably for the best. But, in case of the unlikely event that Drew had considered marrying Darlene, and because Magdalena never tired of bragging about her beau, she decided to reveal more about her suspicions.

“Promise not to repeat it?” She whispered, leaning across the table to lock eyes with her companion. “Nolan Ramsey. We’ve been courting for sometime, and I visited his ranch during the summer," she gushed, “and he’s a gentleman, from a prosperous family, with good values, and I’m confident Papa will approve a union between us.”

Alena accepted Drew’s cup and quickly cast her gaze over it, and perhaps it was purely a reflection of Alena’s desires but, Andrew Tennent’s future was looking exceedingly bleak. “This looks like an anchor - which normally means a stable love life looks a little cloudy which means the opposite.” Not necessarily a negative reading but, there was enough ambiguity to leave Drew concerned about the future of his current courtship.

Yet, Alena felt the story needed to hone in on the hopelessness of Drew and Darlene’s position, and was pleased to progress onto the next symbol and find it similarly unpleasant. Outwardly frowning, she continued, ““Then a wand which symbolises disharmony and slander and there is an arrow pointing towards - I think - a mushroom? Separation of loved ones following a fight.”

She paused - allowing the information to settle - and was surprised to feel her stomach clenched with guilt, and for the first time since commencing the reading, she glanced at Drew. “It might not be a mushroom. It might be a sheep. Which is good - prosperity, success!” She hastily pushed the cup aside. “These readings aren’t always accurate,” she said, but this did not stop her from grabbing her quill to jot down the results in her journal.

  • I know the story - Drew, Fri Apr 19 18:33
    Wow Magdalena was getting a lot out of the random blotches in her cup. It was impressive. If Drew had to say what those shapes were—he leaned forward a little to check out what she was looking at—he... more
    • Then you know how it ends - Alena, Sun Apr 28 07:20
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