Connor Farnon
When will my torment end?
Sat Jun 1, 2019 17:49

All things told, Connor Farnon was not a particularly violent person. Yes, he had gotten into a fistfight with Andrew Tennant and yes, he had once or twice thrown a teensy little hex that was less than polite, but really it was nothing compared to most people at Rocky Mountain International. Even Claudia had gotten in trouble for worse things. She had absolutely been in the right when she had, and the response from the school had been both concerning and disheartening when it came to any thought they might have previously entertained about institutional equality, but Claudia had still used a really nasty spell on Holland Keene. Connor’s personality had once been described as ‘tepid’ by one of Rose’s friends and while he had been embarrassed at the time, he certainly was striving to be as neutral as could be. The term had started off so poorly that the elder Farnon brother had been absolutely determined to make the rest of it less terrible. Or at the very least, give Claudia fewer reasons to be cross at him.

The Remington thing had been a miscalculation and he had apologized. Although he had not necessarily envisioned Remington and himself coming to any great middle ground, Connor had imagined the younger girl would at least be more thankful than she had been to hear his apology. His situation with his brother was something Connor was just ignoring at this point, although it didn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Andrew at least seemed to have decided to leave him alone following Connor’s threats about Dade, instead occupying himself with brawls with other people at parties Connor was above attending.

But Connor’s tight rein on his temper had done nothing to help him cope with taking care of Lavinia Ramsey. The assignment was almost over. The end was in sight. And still, Connor was sitting at the table in the Finer Diner half-asleep because the obnoxious magical toy had kept him up all night, and it was still screaming endlessly. He wanted to drown it in the pitcher of pumpkin juice in the centre of the table or at the very least smother it with one of the overly large pancakes off to the left. Connor had tried everything. He’d tried feeding the doll, but the thing hadn’t been interested. He’d tried patting the doll gently on the back, but that had just made it cry more (but thankfully not vomit on him, he hated it when it did that). He’d even checked its nappy. No, nothing was wrong but it was still screaming.

As Connor bent down to waggle the little doll’s carrier back and forth in an attempt to placate it, he noticed a pair of shoes approach and someone say something, which he couldn’t hear over the screams of the doll.

“Pardon?” he asked, looking up to see who had joined him.

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