Tycho Leppit
Never! Weeeeeee!
Sun Jun 2, 2019 14:21

Tycho was all about breakfast food. Egg wraps? Hell yeah. Waffles? You got it. Bacon? Come at him. But today was not a day for any of those examples. Today, friends, was a pancake day. This was an accomplishment, having finally recovered from the pancake trauma of Eugene smacking him in the face at the Opening Feast. And thus he toted a plate stacked to the heavens with a variety of flavored pancakes, atop which was a tiny bowl with a couple fresh fruit. Y’know, for his health. Reece said he had to eat things other than garbage, and at least breakfast fruit were tolerable, so that was the compromise. His sorta-step-dad would’ve totally been proud of him.

Just able to peer over his delicious morning mountain, he spied his rap artist buddy Connor across the way at a table alone, so he decided what the hay and went over to join him. “Cool baby,” he commented upon arrival. Connor didn’t seem to hear that, though, but it was just an idle opener and not worth repeating. Tycho just set his plate down and seated himself instead.

The small baby thing was totally screaming though, so Tycho probably should’ve noticed it sooner, but eh. “Your baby is sad,” he commented. “May I?” But he didn’t wait for an answer - as he often did not - and scooped up Connor’s sad baby thing. Momentarily forgetting his pancake treasure, he bounced the baby gently, offering comforting shush noises. “Hey, hey, buddy, why all the fuss?” he asked it. He could feel it relax slightly, and the crying became a little softer. “There we go. That’s a good weird baby thing.” As its noises slowed to a whimper, he lowered it back into its carrier to finish calming itself down. Tycho filled his hands instead with his utensils, cutting off and stuffing his face with a bite of several different pancakes at once. “That thing got a name?” he asked through his mouthful of wonder.

  • When will my torment end? - Connor Farnon, Sat Jun 1 17:49
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    • Never! Weeeeeee! - Tycho Leppit, Sun Jun 2 14:21
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