Darlene Knight and Maggie Booth
Stir crazy [Hallway]
Sun Jun 2, 2019 14:44

Something was going on with Polly lately. Darlene didn’t know what it was. But her cat, a relatively old lady as far as cats were concerned, had adapted a youthful fidget to her this school year. Darlene thought maybe she had just finally taken note of Brewster and some weird hunter instincts were kicking in, but Polly didn’t really seem to go after Kit’s lizard. She just darted about and jumped off of stuff.

But today, when Darlene didn’t quite have the door shut all the way, Polly made a break for it. “Hey!” the Lyra shrieked instinctively, rising quickly to her feet and sprinting after the animal. Poor timing at in the Common Room entranceway released Polly to the whole of the school, and suddenly, Darlene found herself in a chase with a shimmery cat. “Somebody stop that cat!” she cried.


Humming a gentle melody to herself, Maggie strolled casually down the hallway. With a soft pang in her stomach, she decided to head down to the Finer Diner and see what kind of snack she could find. It was that off time, when it was too late for lunch food and too early for dinner food, but maybe they would have some bananas out or something. She just needed a little munch.

But all thoughts of food were derailed when an animal came into view. In this case, it was a cat, running through the halls and heading right for her. Maggie tilted her head with curiosity. What was this silly kitty doing?

“Somebody stop that cat!”

Maggie heard the voice before she saw the person, but a moment later, an older girl turned the corner. She looked frantic; to state the obvious, this was clearly her cat. So Maggie decided to help. She didn’t have to do anything, though, because the cat jumped right into her arms. “Oof!” she exclaimed, more out of surprise than anything else. The cat settled into her, and she beamed, petting its fur. So soft. “Good kitty.”

The older girl caught up in a minute, slowing to an easier pace since the urgency had dropped. “Thank you so much,” she said earnestly, taking a moment to smooth down the brown hairs that had fallen out of her braid in her run. “I don’t know what’s gotten into her. She never does this.”

“Do you keep her in your room all the time?” Maggie asked, beginning to extend her arms. “Maybe she’s getting a little claustrophobic.”

“Yeah, maybe,” the girl nodded, seamlessly accepting her cat back into her arms.

With her hands now free, Maggie extended a welcoming hand. “I’m Maggie.”

Shifting her grip on the cat to allow her a usable arm, the hand was accepted. “Darlene.”

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