William Bloom
Long-Winded Histories
Fri Jul 19, 2019 14:13

Brown eyes drooped over the parchment that sat in front of the fourteen year old boy. If there was anything that Will had come to dislike about changing schools, it was adjusting to the time difference. The first week or so was always fine, but it was at the point where he was too exhausted to function. He just wanted to sleep but it was the middle of the afternoon and he had homework to do. The essays that Professor Boot tended to assign were similar to the long-winded histories of various English battles that some of the bar patrons liked to drone on about.

As it was, staying awake during those stories was hard enough and dredging through the thick HIstory of Magic tome was hard enough not suffering from a time jump. With one, it was nearly impossible to open the cover let alone reading page after page and rewriting it to the satisfaction of the professor.

The only sign that he was trying at all was a half scrawled sentence at the top of the page ended by an inkblot where he had paused to let his head droop for too long. Rough drafts were a blessing and a curse all in one. It meant that he could ruin the page, but it also meant that his exhaustion altered brain was not the best at actually finishing the work. Of course, the work wouldn’t get finished at all if he kept drifting off to wake up to his face pressed against the table he was hogging in the Finer Diner.

During one of the periods that he was actually somewhat lucid, a voice drifted into one ear and out the other. It took Will a few moments to realize that someone had asked him a question and he had basically ignored them. Pulling his shoulders up to a more awake posture, the teen stifled a yawn and addressed the person, hoping there weren’t any ink stains on his face.

“My apologies I cannae say that I heard ye the first time ye spoke,” he brambled slowly, exhaustion thickening the Irish brogue that normally remained present only in his slang. He blinked once or twice at the person who had approached the table. “But if ye would repeat yer question I’d be happy to answer it. I’m just a bit knackered from the time switch, ye ken?”

    • Rambling Explanations - Jesse, Tue Jul 30 14:39
      The Diner was one of Jesse’s favorite places to be, because even though there were lots of people in the Diner, and that could often lead to lots of noise, there was also lots of food in the Diner,... more
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