Professor Aaron McKindy
Just an Escape [Advanced Spellwork, Yrs IV - VI]
Sun Jul 28, 2019 18:16

It wasn’t unusual for Aaron McKindy to have class in unusual locations but he was pretty sure that this was the first time he’d ever dropped a note off in the commonrooms of the four Houses that said ‘Spellwork will be held in the Finer Diner this Thursday’. However, it was the only place that made sense.

In the Finer Diner, Aaron had set up small, soundproofed rooms. Once the students entered the room, on the wall, where a door had been the moment before, would be the outline of a six-piece puzzle. Each puzzle piece was hidden somewhere in the room, and once all the pieces had been stuck to the wall of the room, the completed puzzle would turn into a doorway. The rooms were not exactly the same - one looked like a the living room in a Muggle house from the 1950s, one looked like the lab of a questionable potioneer, et cetera - but they had pieces hidden similarly.

The first puzzle piece was on the floor, hidden with a charm that could be countered with a simple Revelio. At a guess, Aaron suspected most people would figure out that one after tripping on it, but that hadn’t occurred to him until well after the fact when it was properly too late to change it.

The second piece was in a locked box with two identical locks that had to be opened simultaneously. The key was tucked underneath or behind something in the corner of the room - no riddle or puzzles, just a test of observation - but the real trick would be to figure out that the locks were the same and that the first key should be duplicated with a Doubling Charm.

The third piece was at the bottom of a cup, cauldron, or something similar (depending on the theme of the room) and could only be found by filling the vessel with water. Once it was full to the top, the puzzle piece would be revealed and could be retrieved by fishing it out.

For the fourth piece, a charm had been placed on it so that it would make a quiet ticking sound. It was hidden somewhere that very few people would think to look, and a very careful student could probably track the ticking to its source. Alternately, they could cast Sonorous Vestigium, a spell they had learned just before midterm that would amplify the noise from the direction their wand was pointed at it, helping them discover where the ticking was coming from. Aaron personally felt sorry for whomever was partnered with Kit on that one.

A very heavy plant sat on top of the fifth piece. It was also charmed so that it could only be moved by using Mobiliarus, just in case someone decided to try and move it physically. After all, solving the puzzle was only half the purpose of the exercise; the students did need to demonstrate they could perform the spells as well.

The sixth and final piece was actually hiding in plain sight. In each room, there was some object smaller than the other pieces, but still shaped like a puzzle piece. In the room from the 1950s, for example, it took the shape of a small charm on a bracelet that had been left on the coffee table. All the students needed to do was cast an Enlargement Charm and add it to the rest of the pieces on the wall.

The students trickled in to the Finer Diner and looked around, but it didn’t seem like very many were too confused. Aside from the transfers, the upper year students would be mostly used to how Spellwork classes tended to go.

Finally, Aaron began explaining the concept of an escape room and how it would be executed, with each pair of students working to complete their puzzle and exit the room within the one hour time limit. He indicated that the students should pair up and once they had, Aaron flicked his wand and the hourglass in each room flashed green and turned over, beginning their time to figure out how to get out of the room. Meanwhile, Aaron sat at one of the few tables he hadn’t Vanished in preparing the room and pulled out a book. He didn’t expect too much trouble from his older students.

Please get creative with the setting of each room! Longer and more interesting posts get more points. Follow the rules blah blah tag Aaron if needed. As always, seventh years are welcome to drop in if they so desire.

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