Rambling Explanations
Tue Jul 30, 2019 14:39

The Diner was one of Jesse’s favorite places to be, because even though there were lots of people in the Diner, and that could often lead to lots of noise, there was also lots of food in the Diner, and Jesse’s love of food overpowered his dislike of large crowds. Besides, he could usually tune into his own thoughts and tune out the sound and even the presence of other people, so other people then only became a problem if they tried to engage him in some manner. He did not mind conversation, as a concept, but when he was in the Diner, Jesse was primarily there to eat, not to converse.

Unfortunately, sometimes it was an absolute necessity to address another person. Take this moment, for example. It was not long after term had resumed, and the Draco was still enjoying the rapid shift from having to fight his siblings for the meagre food that lined the cupboards of the Keller house, to the luxury of ample servings of food at every mealtime at RMI… and some times in between. It was mid-afternoon, and so too late for lunch and too early for dinner, but Jesse wanted something to eat, anyway. His new-ish pants had plenty of growing room for a fast-growing adolescent who liked to eat six square meals a day (the worn jeans and sneakers he’d taken home at midterm had been unceremoniously thrown out, and replaced by some less worn - but still hand-me-down - jeans and some shoes that were actually brand new, but from some crappy discount store, and he knew they were going to be held together more by magic than by material before too long).

Some of the tables in the Diner were empty, but others provided for grazing students. Jesse fixed himself a dish of dried apricots, salted cashews, and chocolate chip cookies, and was about to settle into his seat when he noticed the student - a recent transfer into fourth year - at the next table looked like he might be sleeping. Jesse would not usually approach a sleeping student - in fact he would not often approach any student without a specific need that was either an instruction or a benefit to Jesse himself - but there was a small dish of licorice snaps on the table and the candies were starting to twitch. Waking up to a dozen enchanted candies biting your face didn’t sound like fun for anyone. So even though it was none of his business, Jesse diverted to the table that the fourth year (Will? Was it Will?) had taken over with a large history book and some barely-started notes. He picked up the dish of licorice snaps and moved it to the next table across, saying, as he did so, “Best to keep these out of face-biting range.”

He hadn’t really expected the other student to hear him, because he’d thought Will (was that his name?) was asleep, but then the Cetus spoke, and he was evidently awake (either that, or adept at speaking in his sleep). Most of what he said sounded like words, but he had an accent, and maybe a dialect, too, because there were definitely some words in there that Jesse did not understand. He blinked, and then thought he had best explain himself. “I just moved the licorice snaps to the next table,” he pointed, “because they were twitching and I thought you were sleeping and I didn’t think you would like it if you woke up to having your face bitten.” Then, just in case Will (or whoever he was) wanted to eat some licorice and would be upset by the move, he added, “I can bring them back if you want.” Still holding his own snack in one hand, Jesse hovered uncertainly, waiting to be told whether he should sit, go, fetch licorice, or any other demand that he could not foretell.

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