Remington Burnham
A Failed Escape
Thu Aug 1, 2019 20:38

Things weren’t improving, but they weren’t getting worse, and that feeling of being frozen was unpleasant. As classes continued, she kept her head down, did her work, did everything she was supposed to do. Remington often chose to work on her own in classes if given the opportunity, which wasn’t her normal. It was easier than navigating the confusing social circle she’d found herself in, though. She found herself preferring it. So when a class was clearly going to involve partner work, it made her nervous. Professor McKindy explained the class, and she felt her shoulders automatically tense.

Of course it was an escape room. Why wouldn’t it be?

She’d come to class feeling a little confident. She loved Spellwork. She’d even tried dressing with a little more effort than usual. She paired her deep blue knitted sweater with a comfortable pair of black leggings and knee high boots, no heel. Even with her school robes over the outfit, she thought maybe looked kind of nice. Her curls were pulled back; there was no bow. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d worn a bow. Now, though, how she dressed didn’t give her nearly enough comfort or confidence to want to make it through this class.

Remington nervously twirled the long silver chain of her necklace around her fingers. Thumb pressing against the sharp edge of the pendant, she wondered how bad it would really be if she left. She could say she wasn’t feeling well, and it wouldn’t technically be a lie. Being trapped in a room with someone she potentially didn’t want to be trapped in a room with definitely made her feel sick.

But if she left the class, she’d have to tell Garen about it next time they met, and she didn’t want to do that, either. The Draco wanted things to get better. Her instinct was to try and work with Claudia, but when she looked around, she couldn’t find her friend. Instead, she accidentally locked eyes with Buckley, who started to walk towards her.

That was a big ol’ NOPE.

When Remington turned away in a rush to get away from that partnership, she smacked right into another person. She stumbled backwards and didn’t manage to catch herself. The weight of her backpack worked against her. She landed on her back, avoided smacking her head against the floor, and groaned. Great. Just great

“Sorry!” she squeaked, pushing herself into a sitting position on the ground. Physically, she felt fine, but now she wanted to be here even less. Too bad, if she’d injured something then she would’ve had a valid reason to just leave. “I didn’t see you. Obviously, duh. I’m sorry.”

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