Sat Aug 3, 2019 10:27

Overall Kit didn’t dislike very many people. It was kind of impressive, in her opinion, because Drew was her best cousin and he was shockingly good at disliking people (unless he punched people he liked, which Kit thought was too weird to consider), and Dakota was her friend and she disliked everyone, and Claudia was Kit’s friend and the older girl not only disliked everyone but also was kinda scary sometimes, and Remy had weird boy problems and in conclusion Kit was the nicest of all of her friends and she got along with almost everyone. There were two exceptions. Exception number one was Satveer, her ex boyfriend who had broken her heart by owl over the summer and who Kit would never forgive. She hadn’t gotten her revenge yet, but she would. The second person was Elliot Phippen, who was just a terrible person. Sure, maybe Kit and Sadie’s plans for TWATs had been put on pause by a surprisingly busy academic year, but Kit knew she would return to her revenge on Elliot for spoiling the younger years.

But then waiting for Spellwork to start, Kit realized that she hated one other person and that person was Buckley. He was older than her and a transfer, so before this year she really hadn’t had much of an opportunity to spend time with him but he was clearly a BIG DUMMY so Kit now knew she wasn’t missing out on much.

Buckley had spent some time expressing his BIG DUMMY-ness before, but now Kit’s fists were balled up by her sides as she stood behind him in the Finer Diner as he bragged about how much smarter he was than Grandpa Aaron. Obviously he was wrong, because nobody was smarter than Grandpa Aaron and definitely not Buckley Whateverhisnamewas. Kit felt the overwhelming urge to bite him. Buckley, not Grandpa Aaron. But she’d probably get donkey pox or whatever things BIG DUMMIES carried in their bloodstream, so she was talking herself out of it. In fact, Kit spent so long talking herself out of it that she entirely missed the instructions (which, in all fairness, was not a development that could be especially blamed on Buckley; Kit took to instructions about as well as a mole took to flying) other than that they were supposed to get a partner and go to a room.

Not bothering to look around, Kit bolted to the closest room and grabbed the nearest hand, bodily dragging the (presumably surprised) person into the room and slamming the door shut behind them. The door disappeared, replaced by the outline of a puzzle - it was only then that Kit looked to see who her new partner was.

  • Just an Escape [Advanced Spellwork, Yrs IV - VI] - Professor Aaron McKindy, Sun Jul 28 18:16
    It wasn’t unusual for Aaron McKindy to have class in unusual locations but he was pretty sure that this was the first time he’d ever dropped a note off in the commonrooms of the four Houses that said ... more
    • Who volunteers as tribute? - Claudia Dubois, Sun Aug 11 17:18
      She wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone this morning. She wasn’t often in the mood to talk to most people, but even the people with whom she usually liked to converse felt unappealing today. So of... more
    • No dinner in the Diner - Connor Farnon, Sat Aug 10 20:12
      There were many things that Connor despised about Professor Aaron McKindy. Obviously one of those things was McKindy’s penchant for flaunting his homosexuality around the school, serving as a poor... more
    • Grab'n'Go - Kit, Sat Aug 3 10:27
      • Better than a dine'n'dash - Andrew Tennant, Sat Aug 17 02:43
        Drew could think of a couple of people he wouldn’t object to being locked in a room with for an hour, and none of them were the person who’d just dragged him into the escape room. He had spent plenty ... more
    • A Failed Escape - Remington Burnham, Thu Aug 1 20:38
      Things weren’t improving, but they weren’t getting worse, and that feeling of being frozen was unpleasant. As classes continued, she kept her head down, did her work, did everything she was supposed... more
      • Shame you got shackled to me - Leopold Harris, Sat Aug 10 15:04
        When Leo heard that the next Spellwork lesson was to take place in the diner he had hoped some free food would be involved, but McKindy (like most of RMI’s staff) had a knack for disappointing Leo,... more
        • There are definitely worse options - Remington, Thu Aug 15 16:35
          At first, Remington didn’t realize who she’d nearly taken out in her haste to escape Buckley’s partnership. She counted herself lucky that she hadn’t literally ran into some of the options that were... more
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