Leopold Harris
Shame you got shackled to me
Sat Aug 10, 2019 15:04

When Leo heard that the next Spellwork lesson was to take place in the diner he had hoped some free food would be involved, but McKindy (like most of RMI’s staff) had a knack for disappointing Leo, and appeared that McKindy wasn’t about to break his streak because Leo arrived in the diner to find no food-related festivities taking place, just a bunch of ominous doors that suggested some form of forced group participation was about to take place. Although Leo was trying to give school and socialising a try he failed to keep his gloom to himself as he let out a loud sigh - a nasty, but well established habit of externalising dismay, that Leo was trying to break. His mood did not improve when McKindy revealed somewhat anticlimactically that they were doing escape rooms today.

An escape room sounded like a terrible idea to Leo. Maaaybe it would be okay if he was hanging out with some pals and like stoned, or drunk, or something; but then Leo considered most activities improved by adding a little substance abuse to the mix - sadly this was rarely an option for class assignments. He already knew he would be too apathetic a partner for most people. He already knew he wasn’t going to be much good at finding the clues and didn’t want to look like an idiot for trying and failing - in his books, it was best to go about these things with a laissez-faire sort of approach, let your partner lead the way. This meant that finding a good partner was going to be essential if Leo wanted to perform well in class. Unfortunately, Leo didn’t imagine himself to be at the top of anyone’s list for any exercise that requires brain power and a competitive streak. Leo wasn’t exactly noncompetitive. He may not live and breath his hobbies like some sad saps, but he cared if Lyra won a Quidditch match or if he got a good role in the musical. He just had difficulty caring about things authority figures told him he was supposed to care about which made him a pretty shit person to be saddled with on a class assignment. If he didn’t want to get stuck with Kit or someone equally exhausting he was going to have to act fast. Leo shuffled forward and quickly tried to make eye contact with someone so that he might trap them into working with him when they were too polite to dart away.

Pineapple. Had he just locked eyes with Buckley? If Leo ended up trapped in a room with that great gopher only one of them would be making it out alive and there could be no winner from that result - Leo wasn’t convinced either of them would adapt well to prison life. Leo abruptly stopped advancing and - not terribly concerned with appearing rude himself - jerked his eyes away from the other boy’s. He was just preparing to circle back to the corner of the room when he felt something - someone - smack into him. Leo looked down in shock to see Remington Burnham flailing around on the ground.

Leo liked to think he and Remington had been on good terms since the Incident at Kit’s party, but he found Remington surprisingly difficult to read. How could you know if you were in her bad books if she always spoke well of everybody, and genuinely seemed to prefer her own company and a pile of books over socialising with peers? It was, in Leo’s opinion, especially difficult to decipher when Remington Burnham was actively avoiding you. Deciding it was best to assume that Remington was not carrying lingering resentment over the brawl, Leo stuck out his hand offering to help get her back onto her feet, and gave her an amused half-smile. “Hey, what did I tell you about apologising?” he chided jokingly, recalling her previous illogical attempts to apologise to Leo for DJ’s erratic behaviour. “You okay?”

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