Connor Farnon
No dinner in the Diner
Sat Aug 10, 2019 20:12

There were many things that Connor despised about Professor Aaron McKindy. Obviously one of those things was McKindy’s penchant for flaunting his homosexuality around the school, serving as a poor example for the younger students who didn’t know any better. Tangentially, Connor hated McKindy’s wardrobe because it was far too flamboyant and artistic for any sort of upstanding professor to wear. Even the man’s robes tended to be charmed with twinkling stars or rolling waves or magical creatures or other such nonsense. It would have been far better for him to just wear Muggle clothes. Although Connor’s knowledge of Irish purebloods was not as comprehensive as it might have been, he knew enough to understand that the McKindys were incredibly influential, if somewhat shady in some business practices; how this particular McKindy had come out of such a family was beyond Connor Farnon’s comprehension.

One of the other things that Connor hated about McKindy, he mused as he finished neatly tying his sneakers and shrugged on his wrinkle-free robes over the khaki pants and polo he wore during the school day, was his tendency to have class in places that weren’t the classroom.

Connor had survived classes on the Quidditch Pitch, classes in the Edwards Recreation Center, and even one very unfortunate class on acoustics that had occurred in the theater, a place Connor typically wouldn’t frequent without blackmail or coercion. Now, he was going to have to attend class in the Finer Diner. In Connor’s opinion, it was unlikely that the class would go well because the Finer Diner meant food, which in Connor’s personal opinion should remain untouched by magic. People who used magic for food tended to make fancy dishes full of uncomfortable flavors, when at the end of the day Connor would prefer something simple like a piece of roasted chicken or steamed veg on his dinner plate.

To Connor’s surprise when he arrived at the Finer Diner, food was nowhere to be seen. Rather, there was a series of what he quickly discerned to be rooms lined up in the middle of the area. While the prospect of magicking food had been unpleasant, the prospect of whatever was in those rooms? That was worse. Another thing Connor hated about McKindy was the creativity with which the man designed his classes. No doubt this was to be another interactive puzzle or some nonsense; McKindy had pulled things like this before.

Which of course was exactly what it was. Escape rooms were a concept that Connor had not previously contemplated, but he felt that he had not been missing out on much from the description. He disliked puzzles almost as much as he disliked those complex spices that Italians put on their food - was it really too much to ask for a simple spaghetti without all that added parsley, oregano, and garlic? Apparently it was equally too much to ask for a class without puzzles and pairing up. Before McKindy had finished talking Connor was already looking around to see who he wanted to pair up with, but he couldn’t manage to catch anyone’s eye. Then when McKindy finished, Connor found his classmates pairing up with a rapidity that surprised him; usually at least a few people were loathe to find a partner to work with. Was everyone just so excited by the prospect of another one of McKindy’s puzzle lessons? Incredible.

Connor noticed Leo pairing up with Remington - unfortunate, as he wouldn’t have minded Remington’s know-it-all personality flaws in this particular instance - and then saw a disappointed look on Buckley’s face. The other boy had clearly been intending to pair with Remington, and when his eyes lighted on Connor’s, Connor quickly broke eye contact. While Buckley was not always inherently the worst person to partner with, being locked in a room with him was not something that Connor was keen on.

Instead of wasting time he could spend avoiding Buckley trying to find a different partner, Connor just ducked into a room. Looking around, he realized that it was decorated like some sort of ship cabin that one might have anticipated finding on a piratical vessel. He wrinkled his nose and was about to step out and find another room, Buckley be damned, when someone else walked in and the doorway suddenly disappeared, replaced by the outline of a puzzle.

“I suppose we’ll be partners, then,” Connor said dryly. “Unfortunate choice of decor, in my opinion.”

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