Claudia Dubois
Who volunteers as tribute?
Sun Aug 11, 2019 17:18

She wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone this morning. She wasn’t often in the mood to talk to most people, but even the people with whom she usually liked to converse felt unappealing today. So of course there was a spellwork class that required her to be trapped in a room with another person for its duration. The list of people she was prepared to work with had never been very long, but today it was practically non-existent. Therefore it really didn’t matter who she worked with. Even Buckley Bradford, tiresome at the best of times, was today no more objectionable than most. If Claudia ended up working with him she might even be able to hex him and pass it off as an accident. Then she could spend the rest of the class working on her own.

Seriously considering this option, Claudia looked up at her insidious classmate, just as someone else moved their person - intentionally or otherwise, she could not tell from a glance - into her line of sight. “You’re working with me,” she commanded. She wasn’t a terrible choice for a spellwork partner - she was good at most types of practical magic - but she could appreciate why many students might be reluctant to willing lock themselves into a room with her. She was developing a reputation for hexing people. That was fair, she supposed. She had hexed a lot of people.

Even without the reputation, Claudia didn’t present much visual appeal as someone safe and companionable to work with. Feeling unsociable even before she dressed that morning, she was wearing a blood red v-neck over a charcoal dress, its collar folded over the top of her sweater and its short, pleated skirt protruding from beneath it. Ample practise allowed her to stalk gracefully in blood red stiletto ankle boots, and charcoal liner and with smoky shadow made her brown eyes appear darker than usual. If she hadn’t been attending class, Claudia would have let her dark blonde hair hang freely about her face, but in deference to practicality, she had clipped back the front sections into a half up, half down ponytail as a compromise.

Crossing her arms over her chest, Claudia looked at her partner. “I promise not to hex you,” you offered. Then turning to enter the nearest vacant cubicle, she added, under her breath, “unless you do something really stupid.”

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