There are definitely worse options
Thu Aug 15, 2019 16:35

At first, Remington didn’t realize who she’d nearly taken out in her haste to escape Buckley’s partnership. She counted herself lucky that she hadn’t literally ran into some of the options that were as unappealing. Connor and Remington did their best to never partner together, but she wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d like to take advantage of her problem solving skills in this instance. Kateri Lemont kept trying to dig up some sort of gossip, probably focused on the party incident from last term, and Remington didn’t want any part in it. She avoided the fellow Draco when possible, too.

It was telling that realizing it was Leo she’d ran into didn’t make her want to disappear. If their shared, disastrous kiss was closer to now than the first half of the term, she probably would have hoped a giant hole in the floor would open up and swallow her whole. Rocky Mountain International didn’t have random magic that catered to student’s whims, though, and Shifty Eyes still wasn’t around. Even if she wanted to disappear, nothing would make that happen.

Thankfully, she only felt a solid level of embarrassment and anxiety. It was still there, but it wasn’t world-ending. She returned his half-smile (although hers was much more apologetic) before taking his hand. Remington ignored the weird twist in her stomach at the contact.

“Hey, what did I tell you about apologising?” The Draco rolled her brown eyes but not unkindly. She tried to apologize to him about the whole… well, being punched thing. It felt like her fault, but Leo was very convinced that was untrue. So was Claudia and practically everyone else involved. It was taking longer than she’d like to change her thinking around it. “You okay?”

It was a loaded question. Overall, Remington couldn’t identify if she was okay. What did that word even mean? What qualified someone to be okay? Leo clearly meant the fall, and that was something she could answer.

“A bit embarrassed, but physically I’m okay. I’m probably going to feel it later.” She smiled a little sheepishly. “Buckley was about to ask me to be his partner and…” Remington shrugged the tiniest bit. She got the feeling Leo would know what she wasn’t saying. “Are you okay? I didn’t smack you with my bag of books or anything, did I?”

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