Connor & Dade
Settle isn't the word I'd use
Sat Mar 4, 2017 13:48

Connor was absolutely mortified and Dade was suddenly very still. How much had Holland heard? She had appeared out of nowhere and was suddenly talking about octopi in Dade’s direction. The older girl had apparently been looking for octopi - or information about them, anyway - in the library where she had encountered Dade. That explained a lot. Maybe Holland was having one of her more different days when she had run into Dade the first time. Connor had a handful of secondhand interactions with Holland from the previous year, but he was fairly certain that, as a person, he was nondescript enough that Holland probably hadn’t remembered him since he’d never actually talked to her.

Meanwhile, Dade was carefully studying his plate. “That’s a dumb name for an octopus,” he told the Holland, looking up to scowl at him. “Aren’t there people who are supposed to give animals better names than that?” Dade was at least 80% sure that was a job that people had when they discovered new animals. Of course, even though a name like ‘flapjack octopus’ was stupid, he supposed it was no more stupid than the name ‘bowtruckle’, although he would be the first to admit that bowtruckles were just as cute as their name made them sound. Connor thought they were gross, but Dade had tried keeping two as pets when they were younger. The bowtruckles had eventually escaped and presumably made their way back to a tree, and Dade had moved on to trying to domesticate more mundane creatures.

About to ask what an umbrella octopus was anyway, Dade felt a sharp pain in his shin. Connor withdrew his shoe from his brother’s leg with a quick glare before apologizing to Holland. “Sorry, Dade can be a little rude sometimes.” He extended his hand across the table. “I’m Connor Farnon. It’s nice to meet you, Holland.”

It’s nice to meet you Dade mouthed at his plate, lips twisting as he mocked his brother. He snuck a sideways look at Holland. He was wearing really impressive, tall shoes with his waistcoat and jeans. His hair was also a really cool blue color that Dade was a little jealous of. He wasn’t sure if he’d ever want changing hair like Holland’s, but he often found himself frustrated by the limitations of his short, black hair. He was never quite sure why, but it was something the youngest Farnon found perpetually irritating.

  • Maybe I can settle it - Holland Keene, Tue Feb 28 17:37
    Occasionally, Holland had a day where they didn’t have Quidditch practice or Defense or anything that would require them to stand up or do a lot of physical activity, and they could wear whatever... more
    • Settle isn't the word I'd use - Connor & Dade, Sat Mar 4 13:48
      • What would you call it? - Holland, Sat Mar 4 22:06
        The boys looked very awkward all of a sudden. Holland took that to mean they’d interrupted a private underclassmen-only conversation. Dade and probably-Connor should have chosen a more private venue... more
        • 'Instigate' perhaps - Connor & Dade, Sun Mar 5 09:35
          “In passing,” Connor acknowledged that he’d heard of Holland before, in response to her question. Rose didn’t exactly talk about her friends incessantly (and when she did, it was usually about what... more
          • I can do both - Holland, Sun Mar 5 12:35
            They took a bite of their dinner while the boys talked. Bryony Keene cut her spaghetti with a knife when she ate it, like some kind of displaced Neanderthal who was unaccustomed to pasta, but Monty... more
            • I'm not sure you can - Connor & Dade, Sat Mar 11 15:53
              Because Holland was there and Dade didn’t want to look like a little kid, he resisted the urge to laugh and stick his tongue out at his older brother as Holland confirmed that he wasn’t a lesbian. In ... more
              • Give me a shot - Holland, Sun Apr 16 22:47
                Holland had plenty of experience correcting people who thought they were female. Occasionally they were mistaken for being a binary male, but because their clothes tended toward the femme, it was... more
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