What would you call it?
Sat Mar 4, 2017 22:06

The boys looked very awkward all of a sudden. Holland took that to mean they’d interrupted a private underclassmen-only conversation. Dade and probably-Connor should have chosen a more private venue if that was the case, but Holland didn’t plan to stay in the Finer Diner long, so the boys could either wait or leave. The fifth-year selected a dish of parmesan and sprinkled a spoonful onto their pasta, mixing the spaghetti with their fork while they sprinkled so there was cheese on every noodle.

“Well, sometimes people just name animals they discover after themselves, which is really lazy.” The name should be about the animal, not the human who found it. Holland especially disliked when that happened with locations. Amerigo Vespucci had basically nothing to do with the Western Hemisphere, and it was Eurocentric colonialist propaganda that the continents were named after him and native peoples’ words for where they had lived first were ignored. “At least flapjack and umbrella describe the way the octopus looks. They have webs of skin between their tentacles, so if they spread them out, they look like an umbrella.”

Holland was on the verge of explaining how octopi could look like pancakes when Dade’s dining partner cut in to introduce himself. Yes, they’d been right; Dade was sitting with his brother, the third Farnon kid. Rose didn’t talk about her brothers much, but she’d said Connor was a good kid, if a little stuck up. Which was allegedly the norm for rich fancy pureblood types, although Holland had yet to experience that. Rose and Danny were cool; at times the latter seemed a little out of touch with how people who weren’t rich fancy purebloods lived, but he wasn’t a prick about it. Lucien, Holland’s least favorite Dubois at RMI—Claudia was shy and nothing like her brother, but not in a bad way—he was on the more stuck-up end of the spectrum. Or at least on the insensitive jerk end.

The fifth-year reached out and shook Connor’s hand. Holland usually wore nail polish, but Mom had promised to send a new formula she’d developed that was supposed to prevent hangnails, so they were waiting for that owl to arrive. Their nails were still well-kept and cut into a practical oval shape; Holland took good care of their skin, and that included fingers and nail beds.

“Nice to meet you properly, Connor. I’m guessing Rose has mentioned me?” Holland assumed that Rose would occasionally mention her friends to her siblings, although perhaps she wouldn’t. Rose seemed like the kind of person who would need to keep her social life separate from her home life. “Or maybe she didn’t. I’ve been told everyone knows me. Apparently I stand out,” they added, glancing at Dade and grinning. Standing out was not a bad thing in a school like RMI.

  • Settle isn't the word I'd use - Connor & Dade, Sat Mar 4 13:48
    Connor was absolutely mortified and Dade was suddenly very still. How much had Holland heard? She had appeared out of nowhere and was suddenly talking about octopi in Dade’s direction. The older girl ... more
    • What would you call it? - Holland, Sat Mar 4 22:06
      • 'Instigate' perhaps - Connor & Dade, Sun Mar 5 09:35
        “In passing,” Connor acknowledged that he’d heard of Holland before, in response to her question. Rose didn’t exactly talk about her friends incessantly (and when she did, it was usually about what... more
        • I can do both - Holland, Sun Mar 5 12:35
          They took a bite of their dinner while the boys talked. Bryony Keene cut her spaghetti with a knife when she ate it, like some kind of displaced Neanderthal who was unaccustomed to pasta, but Monty... more
          • I'm not sure you can - Connor & Dade, Sat Mar 11 15:53
            Because Holland was there and Dade didn’t want to look like a little kid, he resisted the urge to laugh and stick his tongue out at his older brother as Holland confirmed that he wasn’t a lesbian. In ... more
            • Give me a shot - Holland, Sun Apr 16 22:47
              Holland had plenty of experience correcting people who thought they were female. Occasionally they were mistaken for being a binary male, but because their clothes tended toward the femme, it was... more
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