Connor & Dade
'Instigate' perhaps
Sun Mar 5, 2017 09:35

“In passing,” Connor acknowledged that he’d heard of Holland before, in response to her question. Rose didn’t exactly talk about her friends incessantly (and when she did, it was usually about what she and Marissa were up to), but Holland had come up occasionally over the past several years. But mostly, as she herself admitted, she stood out. There were very few people at RMI who wore such extravagant outfits, for one. There was one upper year student who did as well, H something? Connor had never talked to her and as far as he knew, Rose didn’t speak with her much either. But she also stood out. Of course, it was Holland’s ever-changing hair that really did it, at the end of the day. Today it was blue, although Connor could see some purple in there too. Not that he was staring.

Whatever Connor was doing, Dade was definitely doing the opposite. When Holland had quoted him from their conversation earlier that year, he had ducked his head to hide the blush that appeared under his darker complexion. There was a slight fluttering in his chest, which was silly because it wasn’t like the older boy had said anything significant, it had just been an offhanded comment. An offhanded true comment, but still.

“Rose doesn’t talk about her friends at home,” the black-haired Cetus responded, unusually loquacious. “Her and our father don’t get along. Ow!” The exclamation was caused by Connor’s foot impacting his shin again. Dade glared at his brother and withdrew to his garlic bread, examining it intensely before taking a bite and chewing pointedly in Connor’s direction. Holland was Rose’s friend; he probably knew that anyway. It wasn’t like Rose was likely to be quiet about the issues they had at home. Rose wasn’t quiet about much of anything, unlike her two younger brothers. Although Connor was usually being polite when he didn’t talk, whereas Dade often just preferred silence to meaningless chatter.

Since Holland had joined them, Connor hadn’t taken a bite of his spaghetti, in part because he didn’t trust Dade to carry on a conversation without messing something up. His younger brother was just so rude sometimes. It was also important to Connor that Dade not be so close-minded as to call Holland a boy to her face. There were a lot of purebloods that weren’t accepting of alternative lifestyle choices like Holland’s, and Connor wanted to be clear that the Farnons were not one of Those purebloods.

“Not because you’re a lesbian though,” Connor clarified. “Rose doesn’t speak often of her friends in general.” He smiled politely at Holland, hoping the girl hadn’t thought poorly of his sister because of Dade’s interjection. Dade kept his eyes on his garlic bread, rolling them dramatically as he tried to ignore Connor trying to salvage a situation by putting his foot in his mouth. Well, at least Holland was about to tell them that he couldn’t be a lesbian, setting the argument between the Farnons to rest.

  • What would you call it? - Holland, Sat Mar 4 22:06
    The boys looked very awkward all of a sudden. Holland took that to mean they’d interrupted a private underclassmen-only conversation. Dade and probably-Connor should have chosen a more private venue... more
    • 'Instigate' perhaps - Connor & Dade, Sun Mar 5 09:35
      • I can do both - Holland, Sun Mar 5 12:35
        They took a bite of their dinner while the boys talked. Bryony Keene cut her spaghetti with a knife when she ate it, like some kind of displaced Neanderthal who was unaccustomed to pasta, but Monty... more
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          Because Holland was there and Dade didn’t want to look like a little kid, he resisted the urge to laugh and stick his tongue out at his older brother as Holland confirmed that he wasn’t a lesbian. In ... more
          • Give me a shot - Holland, Sun Apr 16 22:47
            Holland had plenty of experience correcting people who thought they were female. Occasionally they were mistaken for being a binary male, but because their clothes tended toward the femme, it was... more
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