I can do both
Sun Mar 5, 2017 12:35

They took a bite of their dinner while the boys talked. Bryony Keene cut her spaghetti with a knife when she ate it, like some kind of displaced Neanderthal who was unaccustomed to pasta, but Monty and Holland did the fancy thing where you twirled it in the bowl of a spoon. It was completely unnecessary—Holland had good enough control of a fork at their age that they could eat spaghetti with just the one utensil—but it was sort of an inside joke with Dad at this point, so they still did it, even when they were at school.

When Connor obviously kicked Dade under the table, Holland stifled a laugh. Rose had mentioned she clashed with her father a lot, which made Holland feel bad for her. It must be hard to be Rose; her mother was dead and she didn’t get along with her father or stepfamily. Rose mostly had good things to say about her brothers, but the age difference meant they weren’t that close.

Holland didn’t have siblings, but their parents had always been supportive of just about everything in Holland’s life, aside from occasional tiffs that were normal for teenagers. They couldn’t imagine not being able to tell their parents about school stuff and their friends; from the impression Rose had given Holland of her dad, Mr. Farnon probably wouldn’t approve of his daughter’s friends besides Danny, who was genealogically respectable. And probably the most respectable in terms of behavior too.

The fifth-year couldn’t stifle the second laugh when Connor called them a lesbian. Fortunately they’d finished chewing by then. “I’m not a lesbian,” they chuckled, impressed by Connor’s apparent open-mindedness, even though it wasn’t accurate.

Maybe he wasn’t sure what the word meant beyond being related to queerness. “Lesbians are women who only like other women, and neither of those things is true about me,” Holland clarified. They had never identified as a woman, even when they presented femme. As for orientation, they still hadn’t found a word they liked. Holland was attracted to women but usually preferred men, yet bisexual and pansexual didn’t fit just right in their head the way nonbinary fit for their gender. They didn’t think having a word for orientation really mattered, since it seemed to happen on a case-by-case basis. “But I get what you were going for, so… thanks?”

  • 'Instigate' perhaps - Connor & Dade, Sun Mar 5 09:35
    “In passing,” Connor acknowledged that he’d heard of Holland before, in response to her question. Rose didn’t exactly talk about her friends incessantly (and when she did, it was usually about what... more
    • I can do both - Holland, Sun Mar 5 12:35
      • I'm not sure you can - Connor & Dade, Sat Mar 11 15:53
        Because Holland was there and Dade didn’t want to look like a little kid, he resisted the urge to laugh and stick his tongue out at his older brother as Holland confirmed that he wasn’t a lesbian. In ... more
        • Give me a shot - Holland, Sun Apr 16 22:47
          Holland had plenty of experience correcting people who thought they were female. Occasionally they were mistaken for being a binary male, but because their clothes tended toward the femme, it was... more
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