Connor & Dade
I'm not sure you can
Sat Mar 11, 2017 15:53

Because Holland was there and Dade didnít want to look like a little kid, he resisted the urge to laugh and stick his tongue out at his older brother as Holland confirmed that he wasnít a lesbian. In fact, Holland had gone on further to explain that he wasnít a woman. The youngest Farnon felt vindicated. In general, Dade enjoyed being right when his siblings were wrong, particularly when the sibling being wrong was Charlene or Connor, but this was more than that. Dade thought that Connor had a very rigid sense of the world, especially since he said boys couldnít wear makeup, and Dade was pleased that Holland, in his heels and makeup, had disproven that theory for Connor. He couldnít precisely nail down why that mattered, but decided he didnít care.

On the other hand, Connor felt mortified and had turned a bright red. Itís not my fault, he thought to himself defensively. He dresses like a girl and wears makeup like a girl, he has to expect people to think that heís a girl. Admittedly, Holland hadnít been particularly offended by Connorís words - he had even thanked him for the sentiment. And the correction had been relatively gentle. Still, Connor was extremely embarrassed and it was made worse by the fact that he knew Dade was gloating internally. He snuck a look at his little brother. No, you couldnít tell, but Dade was definitely gloating.

ďMy apologies,Ē Connor said a little stiffly. Dade smirked slightly, but Connor didnít notice because his eyes were trained on Holland. If the older boy wasnít a lesbian, was he gay? He had never heard of a man dressing the way Holland did. Maybe if he were gay, that would make more sense. But, Connor decided, that was none of his business. Dade briefly considered making a snarky comment, but thought the better of it. There was a brief silence at the table while Connor took a bite of his pasta and Dade took a bite of his garlic bread.

ďAre you studying to be an Animagus too?Ē Connor asked, after swallowing his bite of spaghetti. He wasnít entirely sure why Holland had decided to sit with them, and it was the best topic of conversation he could come up with given what he knew about him. Connor knew that Rose was working on her Animagus studies; it was something his sister had been looking forward to for a long time.

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    • I'm not sure you can - Connor & Dade, Sat Mar 11 15:53
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