Lucien Dubois
Protecting what's mine [Camilla]
Mon Mar 13, 2017 01:37

The past week-or-so had been the most irritating week-or-so of Lucien’s life. Ordinarily, he wouldn’t stoop to such vague measurements, but the variety of things which had been foisted onto him had shaken up his sense of time a bit.

Things which included getting called into the counsellor’s office out of the blue, sitting through an unjustified lecture by Tennant about ‘sensitivity’, subsequently being ordered into a supervised meeting with Holland where he was made to apologize to her, and then having to offer a second apology when Tennant realized his first wasn’t sincere - the second wasn’t, either, but he’d hid it better. Lucien had thought that would be the end of it, but nope, Lucien had been was still being regularly accosted by more Lyras than he had ever spoken to before, all of whom kept popping up at random with the apparent intense desire to point out that Holland was capable of entering both halves of their dorm.

He had also been pulled into a conversation with Marissa that turned out to be less hostile than he’d expected, which he felt a little guilty about in retrospect, since they had stayed on good terms after their short-lived relationship and of course she wouldn’t attack him. This had been balanced out by an unexpectedly hostile altercation with Emmett, who had literally punched him one day. He hadn’t seen that coming at all. In his anger, he had refused to go to the school medic and had instead holed up in his dorm dabbing at it with some Deswelling Balm from his own potions kit. The worst of it had gone down, but there was still some bruising, which pissed him off every time he saw his reflection. His prior opinion of Emmett had been mediocre (not in a bad way; that was how he viewed most of the younger students) but now? Ugh. The kid was just insane.

Although it was the type of thing that warranted reporting to the faculty, he’d been inclined not to. After all, Tennant had already accused him of being in the wrong once, and he didn’t particularly desire to be put back in that position of trying to argue his case without anyone listening to him. But Justin, the ass, had apparently been spying on him, and reported it. Once upon a time, he had respected Justin, if simultaneously despising him, but his attitude towards his yearmate was all spite now. While Lucien had been repeatedly knocked downhill, Justin appeared to be in the best mood he’d ever seen him in, all side-glances and smirks, and he was not at all impressed with this change.

So, needless to say, Lucien had been in a foul mood for most of the past week-or-so. He had hidden the whole thing from Francine as best as he could; it felt like she was the only one who wasn’t judging him unfairly for Holland’s attack on him, and he wanted to keep it that way as long as possible. But when Francine wasn’t around...

Well, that might explain why he was currently storming through the Diner. Lucien had considered confronting Camilla for a while; he’d never liked her, and put up with her for Francine’s sake, but it was time to put his foot down. And it seemed that now he had the motive to do so. He was normally an advocate for stopping-and-thinking but, again in line with the general pattern of his past week-or-so, he wasn’t thinking quite like normal.

Balancing a bowl of yogurt and berries in one hand (he had been halfway through a snack when he spotted her sitting across the room), the seventh-year approached Camilla’s table, untied robes billowing around him to reveal the plain blue shirt and darker dress pants he’d grumpily pulled on this morning. He slid out the chair opposite her with a loud scrape, set down his bowl with a loud clink, dropped his spoon with another clink, and then after this deliberate sequence, finally sat himself down. Brown eyes fixed on her with obvious annoyance from behind his glasses. “So I know you’re getting closer with Francine,” he informed her bluntly, recalling a mix of conversations and observations of the girls hanging out. “I’m not going to tell you to stay away from her, because the decision of who her friends are is her own. But don’t get any ideas. We’re happy together and someone like you doesn’t stand a chance with her. Got it?”

    • Good for you.... - Camilla, Mon Mar 13 14:47
      There was something about the mornings that Camilla loathed. They were early and bright… and why did they need to wake up so damn early!? She didnt understand why classes could not start later.... more
      • ...Okay, I'm done - Lucien, Mon Mar 13 18:42
        “Excuse me?” Lucien scoffed. Was everyone in this place spontaneously deaf or something? Proper conversation - you know, that thing where one person talked and the other one actually listened to what ... more
        • Not so fast.... - Camilla, Mon Mar 13 19:12
          The blonde blinked a couple of times. Was this real? Was Lucien actually accusing her of trying to break him and Francine? Was Lucien on drugs? There were a lot of questions swimming through her... more
          • Let's take a step back - Lucien, Mon Mar 13 22:17
            He was startled by her throw and dropped his own bowl on his feet in his alarm. Oh, great. Now there was yogurt everywhere. Goopy yogurt smearing across his pants and shoes, slowly dripping down the... more
            • Re: Let's take a step back - Camilla, Tue Mar 14 12:53
              Camilla was sure Lucien had gone batshit crazy. Or had he been this annoying all this time? The blonde couldn't really answer her own questions because she had not given a bat about the upper-year... more
              • How about I step in? - Professor Rob Hier, Tue Mar 14 13:21
                Typically Rob Hier ate in his quiet apartment suite, where he lived with his wife and their newborn daughter. This was partially because he was pretty sure that Celia would murder him herself if he... more
                • What he’d done was absolutely a power display. Power could mean a lot of things - wealth, knowledge, inspiring fear in the hearts of others - but the best displays of it, in his opinion, were the... more
                  • Does he? - Camilla, Wed Mar 15 13:18
                    Camilla couldn't suppress the laughter that escaped her lips as Lucien jumped in alarm from her, very innocent, hex. She had accomplished exactly what she wanted to: put the idiot back in his place.... more
                    • If I did that every time, I'd just be predictable - Professor Rob, Wed Mar 15 16:25
                      So according to Lucien, he had been worried about this girl stealing his girlfriend, which Rob found to be more than a little weird but he figured he’d let it slide. Seventeen year old boys did some... more
                      • You're already predictable. - Lucien, Thu Mar 16 21:06
                        “Good.” Lucien appreciated approval. He wasn’t the type of person to actively seek it, he thought, but he wasn’t about to turn it down, either. However, the approval of the Rolling ‘Professor’ did... more
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