...Okay, I'm done
Mon Mar 13, 2017 18:42

“Excuse me?”

Lucien scoffed. Was everyone in this place spontaneously deaf or something? Proper conversation - you know, that thing where one person talked and the other one actually listened to what they were saying in order to formulate an appropriate response - had apparently gone out of fashion. But not for him. He was very fashionable. More in the realm of social and academic propriety than literal clothes fashion, but he would still argue himself as having a sense of that, too, considering the high-quality semiformal outfits he was fond of (part because he looked good in a suit, part because he could assemble an outfit in minutes and thus not waste any time in the mornings).

“Are you kidding me? Tabarnak, it’s a common courtesy to listen when someone is talking to you,” he informed Camilla grumpily. Girls these days. It was always the girls. Picking up his spoon and stabbing it into his bowl, he managed to consume the mouthful of rather delicate food in a brutal manner that suggested it wasn’t just yogurt and berries. Lucien was by no means an actor, but he had been semi-suppressing a mix of rage and frustration and humiliation for the last week-or-so, so this violent breakfast display qualified more as an emotional outburst than actual acting. He, however, had internally convinced he was acting, because emotional outbursts were a very non-Lucien type of thing to occur.

“What I said,” he continued, eyes still locked on her, “was that you don’t stand a chance with Francine. She’s my girlfriend and I’m done with you trying to worm your way in with her. It’s never going to happen. I get that you’re alone, and sometimes lonely people try to steal other people’s girlfriends, but does anyone ever stop to ask if the man is okay with it? Of course not!” Lucien’s voice rose and his fist slammed down on the table. Unfortunately it was the fist holding his spoon; a couple blueberries fell from the spoon and rolled off the table. He blinked down at his hand. Where was he going with this again? “So just stop it. Be friends. That’s it. You... homewrecker.” That wasn’t the first word that came to his mind, but anything else seemed a little too extreme. This was just supposed to be a warning, not a threat. “Have a good breakfast.” He picked up his bowl and made as if to stand up.

  • Good for you.... - Camilla, Mon Mar 13 14:47
    There was something about the mornings that Camilla loathed. They were early and bright… and why did they need to wake up so damn early!? She didnt understand why classes could not start later.... more
    • ...Okay, I'm done - Lucien, Mon Mar 13 18:42
      • Not so fast.... - Camilla, Mon Mar 13 19:12
        The blonde blinked a couple of times. Was this real? Was Lucien actually accusing her of trying to break him and Francine? Was Lucien on drugs? There were a lot of questions swimming through her... more
        • Let's take a step back - Lucien, Mon Mar 13 22:17
          He was startled by her throw and dropped his own bowl on his feet in his alarm. Oh, great. Now there was yogurt everywhere. Goopy yogurt smearing across his pants and shoes, slowly dripping down the... more
          • Re: Let's take a step back - Camilla, Tue Mar 14 12:53
            Camilla was sure Lucien had gone batshit crazy. Or had he been this annoying all this time? The blonde couldn't really answer her own questions because she had not given a bat about the upper-year... more
            • How about I step in? - Professor Rob Hier, Tue Mar 14 13:21
              Typically Rob Hier ate in his quiet apartment suite, where he lived with his wife and their newborn daughter. This was partially because he was pretty sure that Celia would murder him herself if he... more
              • What he’d done was absolutely a power display. Power could mean a lot of things - wealth, knowledge, inspiring fear in the hearts of others - but the best displays of it, in his opinion, were the... more
                • Does he? - Camilla, Wed Mar 15 13:18
                  Camilla couldn't suppress the laughter that escaped her lips as Lucien jumped in alarm from her, very innocent, hex. She had accomplished exactly what she wanted to: put the idiot back in his place.... more
                  • If I did that every time, I'd just be predictable - Professor Rob, Wed Mar 15 16:25
                    So according to Lucien, he had been worried about this girl stealing his girlfriend, which Rob found to be more than a little weird but he figured he’d let it slide. Seventeen year old boys did some... more
                    • You're already predictable. - Lucien, Thu Mar 16 21:06
                      “Good.” Lucien appreciated approval. He wasn’t the type of person to actively seek it, he thought, but he wasn’t about to turn it down, either. However, the approval of the Rolling ‘Professor’ did... more
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