Let's take a step back
Mon Mar 13, 2017 22:17

He was startled by her throw and dropped his own bowl on his feet in his alarm. Oh, great. Now there was yogurt everywhere. Goopy yogurt smearing across his pants and shoes, slowly dripping down the front of his shirt collar and cheeks and even a bit in what had previously been neatly slicked-back dark hair. Having recently been punched in the face and still a bit sore from that, Lucien had the automatic revelation that the yogurt was kind of nice, actually, being of refreshing coolness and not as unsufferable a smell as De-swelling Balm --

But then he slapped that thought firmly away, because it made it seem as if he appreciated it and he was way off on the opposite end of that bridge. Nope, no way, he was not doing this. Except actually, he was.

Camilla had launched into a low-volume retort that was obviously supposed to be menacing. Denying his observations that she had not been paying attention, she explained that actually, she had heard him the first time, and had been giving him a chance to start over. While she talked, Lucien scowled at her, or at least in her approximate direction, as he had removed his glasses to clean the yogurt off. His robes were already dirty, so a little extra yogurt wouldn’t hurt. Besides, he needed to be able to make proper eye contact in order to properly continue this conversation-turned-more hostile than it needed to be.

Alas, he slid his glasses back on at the same time as Camilla rose, so the first thing he saw through refocused vision was her wand pointed straight at him. Lucien considered this a moment, and then turned his eyes up to look at her. Damn, he’d forgotten how tall she was. “Apologize? Fine,” he sneered. “I admit I made the mistake of thinking you would be able to handle a civil power display.” He emphasized the word civil, tipping his head pointedly at her wand. It was around this point that it occurred to him just what he was doing - he, the seventh-year who could barely cast a locomotion charm! Forcibly softening his tone and unfurrowing his frown, Lucien attempted to salvage the situation. “It wasn’t my intent to engage you in a fight, and coming to you at breakfat like this was uncalled-for. But, I mean... you don’t really want to get in trouble for cursing a Prefect, do you?”

  • Not so fast.... - Camilla, Mon Mar 13 19:12
    The blonde blinked a couple of times. Was this real? Was Lucien actually accusing her of trying to break him and Francine? Was Lucien on drugs? There were a lot of questions swimming through her... more
    • Let's take a step back - Lucien, Mon Mar 13 22:17
      • Re: Let's take a step back - Camilla, Tue Mar 14 12:53
        Camilla was sure Lucien had gone batshit crazy. Or had he been this annoying all this time? The blonde couldn't really answer her own questions because she had not given a bat about the upper-year... more
        • How about I step in? - Professor Rob Hier, Tue Mar 14 13:21
          Typically Rob Hier ate in his quiet apartment suite, where he lived with his wife and their newborn daughter. This was partially because he was pretty sure that Celia would murder him herself if he... more
          • What he’d done was absolutely a power display. Power could mean a lot of things - wealth, knowledge, inspiring fear in the hearts of others - but the best displays of it, in his opinion, were the... more
            • Does he? - Camilla, Wed Mar 15 13:18
              Camilla couldn't suppress the laughter that escaped her lips as Lucien jumped in alarm from her, very innocent, hex. She had accomplished exactly what she wanted to: put the idiot back in his place.... more
              • If I did that every time, I'd just be predictable - Professor Rob, Wed Mar 15 16:25
                So according to Lucien, he had been worried about this girl stealing his girlfriend, which Rob found to be more than a little weird but he figured he’d let it slide. Seventeen year old boys did some... more
                • You're already predictable. - Lucien, Thu Mar 16 21:06
                  “Good.” Lucien appreciated approval. He wasn’t the type of person to actively seek it, he thought, but he wasn’t about to turn it down, either. However, the approval of the Rolling ‘Professor’ did... more
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