You're already predictable.
Thu Mar 16, 2017 21:06


Lucien appreciated approval. He wasn’t the type of person to actively seek it, he thought, but he wasn’t about to turn it down, either. However, the approval of the Rolling ‘Professor’ did not strike him as especially valid. Having done a little background research on the man, he held a very small, begrudging respect for his potioneering expertise, but that wasn’t enough at all for him to be actually tolerable. His approval was therefore one that Lucien really didn’t want or need. Alas, in this particular setting, he needed the man’s approval; and he got it.

Rob’s approval of his response was followed by criticism for Camilla. This was difficult. His initial grumpiness at having to defer to Rob and then being applauded for it (confusion that he kept contained internally because no, he did not wear all of his emotions on his face, just... half of them, maybe) was counterbalanced by a sweep of extreme satisfaction. His prior state of angry was replaced with smug. But also distaste, because it was Rob who had essentially caused the smug - although, really, it was Camilla’s fault first.

Lucien couldn’t say he was particularly well-practiced in being called out by the faculty; he and Naomi fought all the time when she first arrived, but that was years ago. Still, he obviously was better at it than Camilla. While he didn’t expect Rob to care at all that she had called him an asshat (what the heck kind of immature insult was that, anyways?), and he half-expected Camilla to have taken advantage of that (he rarely verbalized his displeasure of Rob, but his attitude in the man’s presence probably made it obvious), he couldn’t believe that she had thrown in a passive threat, too. Shouldn’t she know better than to stir the pot at this point? Girls. Always had to get in the last word.

After this internal struggle, he decided that Camilla’s punishment meant that he could allow himself to take a very brief pause from his usual resentment of Rob in order to gloat. Still internally, of course. At least until he was out of sight. Which he was, about five seconds after nodding his good-byes to Rob and Camilla and turning around, so he was able to crack a grin. Too bad his breakfast was wasted, but hey, he wasn’t hungry anymore.

  • If I did that every time, I'd just be predictable - Professor Rob, Wed Mar 15 16:25
    So according to Lucien, he had been worried about this girl stealing his girlfriend, which Rob found to be more than a little weird but he figured he’d let it slide. Seventeen year old boys did some... more
    • You're already predictable. - Lucien, Thu Mar 16 21:06
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