LillyAnna Shu
Looking for a partner, perhaps in crime
Mon Mar 27, 2017 23:51

Lilly-Anna sat at the table in the Finer Diner, several sheets of parchment spread out in front of her. Each one contained a crudely drawn map. The careful eye could spot the commons of Aquilla, the rec center, the pitch as well as several classrooms and hallways that looked vaguely familiar. Each of these crude maps were labeled with small symbols like X, O, hearts and stars. A quill and inkwell stood next to the paper, currently untouched.

Lilly-Anna herself poured over the papers, chewing absently at her lunch, a rather plain ham and cheese sandwich. Every now and then she would remove the quill and make a change here or there to a map before quietly going back to making notes. Over her time as a first year, the young girl didn't make too many friends yet, so she had plenty of time to explore the castle. An overheard conversation with an older year student told her of the existence of the secret tunnels, to which Lilly-Anna was trying to figure out all of the entrances. She had down a few, such as the one from her own common room and the rec area. She had once found one in the pitch, by accident as well, but forgot where and needed to go back at some point to re-explore.

She hated to admit it, but exploring alone had become quite lonely. She was missing out on that friendship that other kids seemed to get so easily. However, for her, she didn't seem to click. Oh sure, there were plenty of people in her classes that she was fine to work with, but it seemed that everyone had a friend around here. Lilly-Anna was quite ready for that to be her. After all, she wanted someone to share her secrets with. There was bound to be exciting things to discover some time soon!

Almost done with her sandwich, she began to pick up the papers. Her elbow managed to collide with her water goblet as she reached for a sheet that was farther away, knocking it over. Crying out, she tried catching it, but to no avail. The water arced towards the papers, in almost comical slow motion to her young eye, splashing majestically over the drawings. The ink began to run almost immediately as Lilly-Anna scrambled to save her drawings.

So caught up in the attempts to save her maps, she almost didn't notice someone speaking to her. Looking up to meet her new guest's eyes, she said, "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you? I hope I didn't spill my water on you too?"

    • Not a criminal - Claudia Dubois, Thu Apr 6 05:33
      Whoever had thought that putting a varied bunch of teenaged witches and wizards together in a boarding school underground had obviously never been a teenaged witch or wizard, Claudia considered as... more
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