Claudia Dubois
Not a criminal
Thu Apr 6, 2017 05:33

Whoever had thought that putting a varied bunch of teenaged witches and wizards together in a boarding school underground had obviously never been a teenaged witch or wizard, Claudia considered as she sat down at a table occupied by a first year. Admittedly she was only twelve herself, but the Cetus student decided that was close enough to count as she began eating her carrot and coriander soup with disinterested, automatic movements. Her food was fine, but Claudia’s thoughts were not on her meal; as usual, she was overthinking a mundane occurrence to the point where she had lost all rationality.

The catalyst had been a letter from her parents that she had received that morning, informing her of a wedding the family would be attending at the start of the summer break. Her cousin-of-some-sort Anthony was marrying a witch who, Claudia had to assume based on the union itself being permitted, possessed a suitable degree of magical blood and limited interest in her fiancé’s fortune. Since Anthony had proposed, not been betrothed, Claudia also had to assume some level of attraction in their partnership. It sounded to the second year like an ideal scenario, but her recent discussion in class with Marley was probing her consciousness and giving her far too many thoughts.

Just then the first year at the table knocked over her cup, spilling its contents on her papers, and drawing Claudia’s attention back to the present. The second year stood - her uniform robes would protect her white and navy pinstriped dress, but her white silk ballet pumps were susceptible to staining, even by water - and withdrew her wand. “Here, let me help you,” she said, but the first year was too distracted by trying to save her papers.

“I'm fine,” the blonde assured the younger girl, whose name was Lily-something. “I know a spell, here,” Claudia persisted. She cast a charm that lifted the water from the paper, not completely drying it or reversing the damage, but at least she prevented it from getting any worse. She saw some of the drawings, but tried not to appear too interested in things that were none of her business. “Will they be okay?” She asked. “Your… are they maps?”

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    • Not a criminal - Claudia Dubois, Thu Apr 6 05:33
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