Holland Keene
Crepes for me, please
Tue Apr 11, 2017 00:12

Generally speaking, Holland disapproved of the concept of “breakfast foods.” There was no reason why eggs and bacon and pancakes couldn’t coexist with sandwiches and soup and roasts. It was true that most of the former group were quick to prepare, but if you were dedicated to eating something in the morning there were plenty of preparation options that The notion that some foods were only appropriate at certain times of day was just a baffling form of market segmentation, and Holland disliked all corporate efforts to divide groups.

But they liked crepes, so of course they were going to attend the all-day breakfast event. Holland chose their most matchy-matchy set of pajamas, which consisted of navy flannel pants patterned with moving white clouds and a powder blue shirt with grey three-quarter sleeves. Because they usually spent time with Muggles, Holland didn’t often go for overtly wizarding clothing, but pajamas were the exception because they weren’t going to see Muggles who didn’t know about magic when they were wearing pajamas.

Going to breakfast dressed exactly the way they dressed for bed would mean going to breakfast without makeup, which Holland decided against. They did foundation and blush without contouring, and blended a small dot of highlighter onto the apple of their cheek until the apple had started to glow a bit. They elected to go light on eye makeup, with no mascara, natural shadow, and very light liner, so the overall look was one of no makeup.

On arriving in the Finer Diner, Holland made a beeline for one of the crepe stations. The house-elf running it refused to let Holland make their own crepes, which was probably for the best. Holland had more talent for grilling and barbecuing than other forms of cooking, despite Bryony’s efforts to teach her child baking—although Holland was good at decorating cakes. Fortunately, the house-elf let Holland choose the flavors they wanted, although he was rather pushy with his suggestions. Holland eventually walked away with a sweet strawberry-chocolate-hazelnut crepe and a savory spinach-ricotta one.

Holland was on their way to a free table (the fifth-years-plus tended to sit together at school events, although Holland couldn’t see their friends gathered anywhere yet) when one of the younger Lyras began speaking to them. Delighted by the girl’s enthusiasm, Holland smiled back at her. “Yeah, I like getting to see my food being made,” they answered, because that was true. They took a seat beside Sara—if the other fifth-years showed up, they could find Holland—and dug into the savory crepe with the side of their fork. “And the whole Diner smells amazing, doesn’t it? We should have things like this more often.”

  • PANCAKES! - Sara de Alba, Mon Apr 10 22:03
    Sara felt like the All Day Breakfast activity was godsent after the horrible weeks she had come to live at Spellwork classes. The Lyra had, finally, caught up with most of her classes, but that... more
    • Crepes for me, please - Holland Keene, Tue Apr 11 00:12
      • I may try those next - Sara, Tue Apr 11 22:07
        “Yes!,” she responded excitedly to the person that had taken a seat besides her and Sara recognized as an Older Lyra. The first-year didn't know much about them, but she had heard all about a Big... more
        • 10/10, do recommend - Holland, Wed Apr 12 11:17
          “Holland Keene,” they introduced themself, perhaps unnecessarily. At this point Holland seemed fairly well-known within the school. They took a bite of the spinach-ricotta crepe, which they realized... more
          • I trust your judgement - Sara, Sat Apr 15 01:23
            Sara was in awe with the older student sitting next to her. It was a lot for the eleven-year old to take in during breakfast, but the Lyra nodded in agreement trying to seem cool. If she was honest,... more
            • Consider me honored - Holland, Mon Apr 17 11:11
              Holland was expecting the Spanish Inquisition about their gender. Even well-intentioned underclasspeople, like Marley, asked a lot of questions because they’d never had the concept of non-binary... more
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