Claudia Dubois
How fortuitous
Tue Apr 11, 2017 07:14

All day breakfast was an idea Claudia embraced. She didn't often like change, admittedly, but breakfast foods were inarguably the best of all the meal constituents as far as the second year was concerned. Some days she liked sweet breakfast with fruits, or yoghurt, or sometimes she preferred savoury options, particularly crawfish and eggs. She didn't often opt for sugary or syrupy foods (with the exception of hazelnut cannelloni), but she was assuming that the pancake party, as it had become known amongst the students, would have myriad fillings and toppings to sample and enjoy. Her mouth watered thinking of all the possibilities.

However, Claudia did not like crowds, so she was strongly tempted not to attend the bizarre festivity. It would be loud, and busy, and potentially sticky, which were three adjectives Claudia did not feel were appropriate for a gathering of any group aged above about six years. On the other hand again, she would need to enter the Diner to eat on at least two occasions throughout the day to avoid uncomfortable hunger pangs, so she may as well embrace the unusual set up and enjoy the tempting breakfast foods.

There was one aspect of the party in which she would not be engaging, however, and that was the invitation for students to dress in pyjamas. Claudia was categorically not going to go into the Diner in her sleeping attire, and there were no two opinions to be had on the matter. While she usually slept in a lightweight cotton nightdress in the summer, each different one she owned beautifully embellished with embroidery or lace detail, and similar styles of warmer fabric in the winter, Claudia never ate in her nightwear unless she was ill. She certainly never socialised when she was not appropriately dressed. However, as a compromise, she wore an indigo pinafore dress with silver patterns of moons and stars, with navy blue tights and a co-ordinating long-sleeves blouse beneath her dress, as well as her least favourite pair of slippers: they were checked in different shades of grey with small blue bows on the front. Her dark blonde hair was tied in a tight braid down the back of her head to between her shoulder blades, and fastened with a blue satin ribbon tied in a bow.

She entered the Diner and almost stepped straight back out again, because some food seemed to be airborne. That just wasn't right. Yet it did smell amazing, so Claudia took a deep breath and pushed her hands into the pockets of her dress to stop her from biting her nails; they had barely begun to recover following the whole-school Spellwork class debacle. Her anxieties did abate a little as she took a cursory circuit of the room, her brown eyes widening as she took in the vast array of foods available. She had not known until now that syrup could come in different flavours. While Claudia’s mother had very occasionally permitted pancakes to be served for breakfast, it was not like this at home, where the accompaniment options were restricted either to berries or smoked meats. Claudia would have to be careful; she could seriously over indulge here if did not impose any limits on consumption. “Just two,” she muttered to herself.

After great internal debate, she first chose a spinach and wholewheat pancake, which she topped with pinenuts and crumbled feta cheese, and just a drizzle of raspberry balsamic vinegar. Selecting an accompaniment of grapefruit juice, Claudia took her breakfast to a space that seemed suitably unoccupied, although someone had apparently discarded dragonfruit juice there (Claudia couldn't blame them; it was pretty but not the most flavoursome of beverages), and sat down. She had only managed to raise her cutlery when her yearmate Teal joined her, and Claudia realised she had been mistaken about the drink being discarded. Oh.

“It is amazing,” Claudia had to agree with the other girl, who seemed to be wearing as many colours at one time as was possible. She smiled, because although she found Teal to be annoyingly exuberant on occasion, she didn't actively dislike the other girl. There were probably worse people with whom she could be seated. “What did you choose?” she asked, gesturing with her fork to Teal’s selections.

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