Rose Farnon
I'm noticing a trend with you
Tue Apr 11, 2017 18:44

Never in a million years would Rose admit that Ruben Lundqvist had beat her in a duel because he hadn’t, their duel had been broken up before she formally conceded, but she would and had admit that he had skills she did not. After he had disarmed her and she punched him in return, it had taken him seconds to knock her flat on the ground, leaving her with a couple of good bruises to write home about, if Rose was the sort of person who wrote home. Since she wasn’t, she instead shook herself off and immediately demanded that Ruben show her exactly how he had done that. Before he’d made his way to the infirmary to deal with the hand that was bleeding due to his rock-punching, Ruben had offered to let her practice with him sometime. Rose had taken him up on the offer, showing up at the appointed time the very next day. She didn’t see Ruben every day - sometimes she had Quidditch practice or homework or wanted to do another round of swimming instead - but at this point it had become a regular occurrence. Rose had never known that she was interested in learning to punch people, but Ruben was definitely a good teacher for it.

Anyway, Rose was intrigued by the transfer and so when she saw him across the Finer Diner immediately after entering Professor Boot’s event, she walked in his direction.

Unlike what appeared to be most other people in the school, Rose hadn’t immediately jumped on the idea of all-day breakfast. She wasn’t a huge breakfast person most of the time, preferring to slide something quick in between her swim and the first class of the day, and she also thought American pancakes were weirdly thick and often weirdly sweet. But after she’d dried herself off and made her way back to Aquila, the unusual emptiness of the dorm and commons led her to make her way to the Finer Diner regardless of her personal disinterest. Admittedly, she could have taken the time to work on homework or practice her spellwork, but Rose didn’t think she could concentrate in the Commons like this. The silence was creepy.

Blonde hair still damp from her swim and wearing a light blue camisole with blue-and-white striped pyjama pants - Rose’s most socially acceptable pair of sleepwear and one that she wore only infrequently - she was within shouting distance of Ruben when all of a sudden he yelled a spell and she ducked. Although ducking might have helped her if the spell was aimed at her, it did not do Rose a single bit of good when it came to avoiding the sticky, exploded disaster that rained down from above. Scowling, she pulled out her wand.

Tergeo” she grumped as she tried a first attempt at getting the mess out of her hair. “Ruben I swear I’ll turn you into a pancake if you do that again.” Rose was relatively sure she couldn’t turn Ruben into a pancake, but she might give him duck feet or something for his trouble.

  • Doing a bit of hunting - Ruben Lundqvist, Mon Apr 10 21:25
    Ruben was very much a food person. Not in the sense that he was picky about fancier foods or whatever; he could appreciate a fancy dish, but he wasn’t about to turn his nose up at something more... more
    • I'm noticing a trend with you - Rose Farnon, Tue Apr 11 18:44
      • My impeccable good looks? - Ruben, Wed Apr 12 02:05
        Understandably distracted by the swell of rage at his breakfast flying away from him (it was admittedly his fifth pancake of the morning, but that didn’t mean being interrupted in the middle of... more
        • Well, you're not wrong - Rose, Wed Apr 12 05:23
          Ruben was laughing at her and Rose nearly pulled her wand out of where it was tucked neatly into the elastic waistband of her pyjama pants to make good on her pancake threat. She thought better of... more
          • I rarely am - Ruben, Wed Apr 12 18:08
            Rose didn’t sound too happy with accepting his help, though he supposed that was to be expected. He’d been the cause of the mess, after all. Still, she accepted, and that was more than enough reason... more
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