I may try those next
Tue Apr 11, 2017 22:07

“Yes!,” she responded excitedly to the person that had taken a seat besides her and Sara recognized as an Older Lyra. The first-year didn't know much about them, but she had heard all about a Big Debacle that had to do with their gender. Sara remembered about a note saying that Holland could enter both dormitories, but since their problemas wasn't Sara´s problem she had not taken it too seriously. In fact, she was sure this was their first one-on-one. The eleven-year old wasn't even 100% sure the older person´s name was Holland.

Sara smiled, swallowed what she had in her mouth, and looked up at the other person. “I am Sara,” she introduced herself like her mother had taught her when one met someone new. The Lyra took another bite of her pancakes as she looked down at Holland's plate and saw crepes instead of pancakes. They looked yummy. Maybe she should try them too.

The Lyra left her eating utensils and shifted her posture to face the older person besides her. He head bopped to her side as her eyes looked up and down at the person. Sara was kind of confused about them if she was honest. It was hard to pin-point Holland´s gender, though if everything she had heard was true she didn't have one. Sara looked down at her half-eaten pancakes because staring was rude.

Sara was feeling kind of awkward now.

Her curiosity won the best of her and she looked back up, “Is it true?” she asked the older person. Sara realized she wasn't being very forward about what she meant. “Is it true about what happened with you and the other student?” The mexican-american grabbed her fork again and took a quick bite of her pancakes waiting for Holland´s answer. She provided a small smile trying to seem less whatever she seemed to be. If she was honest, Sara was kind of intimidated by the older student. They seemed so well put together.

  • Crepes for me, please - Holland Keene, Tue Apr 11 00:12
    Generally speaking, Holland disapproved of the concept of “breakfast foods.” There was no reason why eggs and bacon and pancakes couldn’t coexist with sandwiches and soup and roasts. It was true that ... more
    • I may try those next - Sara, Tue Apr 11 22:07
      • 10/10, do recommend - Holland, Wed Apr 12 11:17
        “Holland Keene,” they introduced themself, perhaps unnecessarily. At this point Holland seemed fairly well-known within the school. They took a bite of the spinach-ricotta crepe, which they realized... more
        • I trust your judgement - Sara, Sat Apr 15 01:23
          Sara was in awe with the older student sitting next to her. It was a lot for the eleven-year old to take in during breakfast, but the Lyra nodded in agreement trying to seem cool. If she was honest,... more
          • Consider me honored - Holland, Mon Apr 17 11:11
            Holland was expecting the Spanish Inquisition about their gender. Even well-intentioned underclasspeople, like Marley, asked a lot of questions because they’d never had the concept of non-binary... more
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