My impeccable good looks?
Wed Apr 12, 2017 02:05

Understandably distracted by the swell of rage at his breakfast flying away from him (it was admittedly his fifth pancake of the morning, but that didn’t mean being interrupted in the middle of eating was okay), Ruben hadn’t exactly paid attention to his unintentional victim until after he had already started walking over. When he saw who she was, he shook his head, smirk broadening. Of course it would be Rose. And she was pretty annoyed, which in turn was pretty funny, because between Dueling Club and her joining him for some of his glíma workouts, they got together regularly enough that he didn’t have a sense of whatever annoyance looked like for her.

Well, until now. Which was, again, funny. And it was probably a good thing that he felt confident Rose couldn’t follow through on her sour-toned threat, because the grumpiness of her whole demeanour at this moment did no favours for his attempt to keep a moderately straight face. The tall blonde cracked entirely, smirk turning into full-blown laughter. Pah, no point trying to hide it.

“I would not be a very good pancake,” Ruben informed her cheerfully as he watched her try to siphon what remained of the pancake off her hair. “Too much muscle. Way too chewy.” Although he didn’t doubt her spellcasting abilities, he rather doubted her ability to get at the back of her head, at least not without a couple strategic mirrors to actually see where all the jam had gotten. He muttered a Tergeo after her, but considering he was still chuckling to himself, the teen wasn’t at all surprised that it accomplished exactly nothing without his wand. Yeah, he wasn’t really feeling it.

“Sorry. Again. You are fully a mess,” he remarked, matter-of-fact, staring her up and down with a grin. An appealing mess, to be honest, but he had a good thing going with Holland right now. Ruben wasn’t the type to turn down the potential for multiple good things, however, he also had no intent of jeopardizing whatever their thing was, because Holland was pretty fantastic. Hen could do fantastic stuff with hair, too. “Can I help you? I do not have my wand, but...” Glancing to the side, he snagged a cloth napkin off the nearest table and dunked it in the water pitcher before stepping closer, moving as if to go around to Rose’s back. “You may not trust me with breakfast any more, but you can trust me with hair,” he joked, although of course it was serious - Holland might be the only person at RMI who took hair more seriously than he did.

  • I'm noticing a trend with you - Rose Farnon, Tue Apr 11 18:44
    Never in a million years would Rose admit that Ruben Lundqvist had beat her in a duel because he hadn’t , their duel had been broken up before she formally conceded, but she would and had admit that... more
    • My impeccable good looks? - Ruben, Wed Apr 12 02:05
      • Well, you're not wrong - Rose, Wed Apr 12 05:23
        Ruben was laughing at her and Rose nearly pulled her wand out of where it was tucked neatly into the elastic waistband of her pyjama pants to make good on her pancake threat. She thought better of... more
        • I rarely am - Ruben, Wed Apr 12 18:08
          Rose didn’t sound too happy with accepting his help, though he supposed that was to be expected. He’d been the cause of the mess, after all. Still, she accepted, and that was more than enough reason... more
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