Well, you're not wrong
Wed Apr 12, 2017 05:23

Ruben was laughing at her and Rose nearly pulled her wand out of where it was tucked neatly into the elastic waistband of her pyjama pants to make good on her pancake threat. She thought better of it, though - there were professors around, and although their duel had gone (relatively) uninterrupted, Rose was pretty sure that attempted human transfiguration in the middle of the dining hall wouldn’t, even if one of those professors was Professor Boot. Professor Boot was odd, and the rumors that circulated around the school about him were ridiculous but also not entirely out of the realm of possibility. Rose personally disbelieved the theory that Boot was actually a corporeal ghost because she was pretty sure there wasn’t such a thing, but other than that...she wasn’t sure.

On the other hand, he then muttered his own spell in her direction which seemed to go approximately nowhere. It wasn’t helpful, but on the other hand he had managed not to set Rose’s hair aflame which was more than Rose could say of her magic sometimes. Her accidental magic problem had actually gotten better with her study of wandless and nonverbal magic, but she had been known to set things on fire when she tried too hard to transfigure something. For that reason, the Aquila had begun practicing more in the practical lab the evenings that dueling club wasn’t in there. There was less damage to do in there than say, the Aquila Commons. Admittedly, she was pretty sure that the Commons had not gone scorch-free in the time since RMI had been founded, but Rose didn’t think she needed to unintentionally add to that record.

“Thanks,” she said, only a little begrudgingly as Ruben moved to go behind her with a wet cloth napkin. Rose’s hair was curly and perpetually unruly no matter what she did to it, although being damp from her swim usually helped the matter. “My hair doesn’t like spells anyway,” she admitted. Beauty charms were either something she was terrible at - which seemed unlikely, given her affinity for charms in general - or her hair was particularly resistant. “I can never get it to agree to stay tied back or anything like that.” Rose’s hair wasn’t quite long enough to braid, otherwise she probably would have tried that option. As it was, she opted for low ponytail, or even bunches on occasion (although she had mostly grown out of that). “Not that you’d understand,” she added teasingly. Ruben’s hair was longer than most boys’ but seemed like it was very cooperative.

  • My impeccable good looks? - Ruben, Wed Apr 12 02:05
    Understandably distracted by the swell of rage at his breakfast flying away from him (it was admittedly his fifth pancake of the morning, but that didn’t mean being interrupted in the middle of... more
    • Well, you're not wrong - Rose, Wed Apr 12 05:23
      • I rarely am - Ruben, Wed Apr 12 18:08
        Rose didn’t sound too happy with accepting his help, though he supposed that was to be expected. He’d been the cause of the mess, after all. Still, she accepted, and that was more than enough reason... more
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