I rarely am
Wed Apr 12, 2017 18:08

Rose didn’t sound too happy with accepting his help, though he supposed that was to be expected. He’d been the cause of the mess, after all. Still, she accepted, and that was more than enough reason for him to promptly slip his hand in against the base of her neck, collecting the longer ends of her hair together so that he could wrap the napkin around the mass. He took it in his fist and firmly slid it down her hair, stripping off the majority of the breakfast carnage. Which he just let fall to the floor, because there was hardly any point in trying to collect it for the rubbish bin when there was already bits of exploded pancake all over the ground around her feet. One of the house-elves would take care of it, he assumed.

Shaking out the napkin, he slung it over his shoulder, uncaring of whatever dirty streaks it might leave behind on his white tank top, and began combing his fingers through her hair a bit more thoroughly. “Hah, fick dig!” he grinned, triumphantly pulling out a larger chunk of pancake and tossing it to the side. “You are right,” he continued on, addressing Rose this time. “My hair is very uncomplicated. Much like myself.” A joke and yet a very true one, in his opinion. Ruben took pride in being the type of person who was extremely easy to get along with - as long as the other party took enough time to learn what ‘getting along with’ him meant, obviously.

“Have you ever cut your hair to be shorter?” Ruben asked her curiously as he flicked out a couple more pancake fragments. He glanced over her back, decided that the majority had really just gotten on her head, and pulled out the napkin again. “Maybe your hair would have a more quiet opinion about what to do if it had less length.” Flipping the napkin over to a clean side, he wiped off the cream along Rose’s hairline and, businesslike, took hold of her chin, tipping her head so that he could get at some jam on the other side. “You look a bit more human,” he announced with a smirk, taking a step back and shaking out the napkin once more. “Do you need some pancakes for inside of you, now?”

  • Well, you're not wrong - Rose, Wed Apr 12 05:23
    Ruben was laughing at her and Rose nearly pulled her wand out of where it was tucked neatly into the elastic waistband of her pyjama pants to make good on her pancake threat. She thought better of... more
    • I rarely am - Ruben, Wed Apr 12 18:08
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